Mississippi River Oil Spill: Fourteen Barges Break Away, 300 Gallons Unloaded

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Last week, 114 barges in St. Louis broke free into the Mississippi River -- 11 of which sank. At about the same time, local officials were also dealing with a treatment plant failure that resulted in untreated sewage flowing into the river at a high rate.

Now, there has been an oil spill.

Late last night, the Coast Guard says, approximately 300 gallons of crude oil were unloaded into the river after a vessel struck a fleeting area near Alton, Illinois -- causing fourteen barges to break away.

"We have found no environmental impact, but we will continue to monitor the situation and conduct harbor patrols," Lt. Colin Fogarty of the U.S. Coast Guard tells Daily RFT.

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The official news alert on the spill says that at 12:57 a.m. a vessel hit a fleeting area, which prompted the barge breakaway as well as the escape of two dry docks -- and more.

The barges then hit numerous other facilities, dry docks and another barge, ultimately leading to the 300-gallon spill.

Lone Barge.JPG
Courtesy Coast Guard
A barge on the loose after last week's accident.

"We haven't had any proof of the environment being affected in any way," Fogarty tells us, later adding, "The Mississippi River just has so much water flowing through it now."

Initially, officials closed the river "to allow for safe and effective clean up and salvage operations," the Coast Guard news release says.

Currently, the breakaway barges, flats and dry docks have been accounted for and secured, officials say and Coast Guard forces are on the scene doing inspections of the facilities and barges. They are also conducting a shoreline assessment to evaluate any environmental damage.

The closed section of the river was reopened at 2:13 a.m. There were no injuries or deaths reported in the incident.

"The Coast Guard is assessing the situation," Captain Byron Black, commander of Coast
Guard Sector Upper Mississippi River says in a statement. "Our primary concern is to ensure the safety of people, the environment, and the waterway, to that end, we have personnel on scene actively inspecting affected facilities and vessels and evaluating the River."

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Jonathan Ellis
Jonathan Ellis

Roy is right, 300 gallons is inconsequential. And by the way, barge companies and tow boat operators are not "oil companies". The same guys will push barges full of coal one day and then grain the next. Sloppiness in the shipping industry is a separate issue from what goes on at oil companies.

Roy Harcourt
Roy Harcourt

300 gallons? Really? Do you people realize just how insignificant an amount that is? There is 1.6 MILLION gallons of water A SECOND flowing down that river.

Erica Chicoineau
Erica Chicoineau

Hard to believe they can even tell when pollutants are added to the Mississippi river anymore! It's so filthy!

Jennifer Krupp
Jennifer Krupp

Are you any more concerned with the hundreds of thousands of gallons of raw sewage that "spilled" into the river this last week?

Lori Heintz Deal
Lori Heintz Deal

That will mix well with all the raw sewage that got pumped into it last week!

Kristi Lee
Kristi Lee

It's enough of a disaster to cause some serious issues. That sucks.

Angelo Olegna
Angelo Olegna

Don't forget the barges of coal that were dumped a week ago.

Rot Job
Rot Job

It's time we start calling these oil spills what they are, environmental terrorism, and holding the oil companies responsible.

Kathy Kindred
Kathy Kindred

Yuck! As if the Mississippi River needs any more pollution. Revolting River is more like it.

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