Missouri Seersucker Caucus Is Most Powerful, Bipartisan Force At The Capitol (PHOTOS)

Courtesy of Senator Eric Schmitt.
Seersucker has taken over Jefferson City.
Last month, we reported on Missouri State Senator Ryan McKenna's handwritten proposal to ban seersucker suits for anyone over the age of eight.

His disdain for the fashion trend -- inspired by a growing love of seersucker at the Missouri State Capitol -- has apparently backfired. Big time. The so-called seersucker caucus is stronger than ever. And in an increasingly hostile and divided legislature, this may be one of the most powerful, bipartisan group of lawmakers.

Yesterday, was apparently seersucker-to-end-all-seersucker day. More photo proof below.

Republican Senator Eric Schmitt, a champion of the seersucker cause, sent Daily RFT this photo today.


A closer look:



And that hat, up close:


That's right, ladies and gentlemen: Your powerful Democrat and Republicans lawmakers can truly unite around a common goal!

The trend has apparently taken over the Twitterverse of the capitol, too.

The craze appears to have even inspired McKenna, the lead opponent of seersucker, to join Twitter:

Next week will be the last Seersucker Wednesday of the session. Not sure how the seersucker trend could get more intense, but these dedicated lawmakers will surely find a way.

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Bob Goode
Bob Goode

Seersucker...ONLY IN MODERATION...it's just so pretentious!!!

Brian Boyd
Brian Boyd

I think somehow it's back in style this year. Matlock would be proud.

Becca Seibert Haase
Becca Seibert Haase

Seersucker suits make me think of old white southern men that wear them to church on Sunday.

Barry Bean
Barry Bean

Seersucker's the only thing to wear in the summer!

Scott Kolbe
Scott Kolbe

They are politicians - they are dorky by nature.

DoucheMcGee topcommenter

Good to see them working on something very important and not wasting time on something completely stupid.

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