PETA Attacks Washington University's Use of Live Cats With "False Advertising" Complaint

via PETA
Undercover video.
Last month, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals released an "undercover video" inside one of Washington University's labs, which the group says reveals the school's mistreatment of live cats in one of its courses. Soon after, PETA made more of a splash with an announcement that The Price Is Right's Bob Barker supported the cause and would even donate tens of thousands to rescue the cats from these labs.

But Wash. U. has continued to defend the practice, saying it is not cruel and is an important training tool, prompting PETA to try a different approach: a complaint with the Missouri attorney general's office.

"The course is indefensible," Justin Goodman, director of laboratory investigations with PETA, tells Daily RFT. "This is an opportunity for the attorney general to evaluate these misleading claims."

The complaint, outlined in a letter PETA sent to Attorney General Chris Koster yesterday, on view below, alleges that St. Louis Children's Hospital, Wash. U.'s partner, has violated Missouri's "false advertising" laws in its materials promoting the course in question.

PETA's "undercover video."

As we've reported, the schools's Pediatric Advanced Life Support, or PALS, course involves intubating anesthetized cats as a way to learn about infant treatment. PETA says that this is cruel to the cats, which are put at risk and could wake up during the course -- and further argues that no other institution across the country uses live cats for this procedure anymore. That's because, PETA says, it is proven to be less effective than using "simulation mannequins," which do not involve live cats.

Wash. U., however, argues that it is a superior training method since it gives students the opportunity to practice on cats that have "upper airway anatomy and reflexes that closely resemble an infant's." Further, the school says that it is completely safe, that no cats have ever been harmed, that they are closely monitored, used infrequently -- and all eventually adopted.

Since it seems the school will be sticking to that defense, PETA is trying to up the ante by involving the attorney general; targeting misinformation through advertising seemed like a logical approach, Goodman says.

"We believe that they are misleading the public and potential course participants who are going to pay money to take a course that the university and the hospital is claiming is superior to others with absolutely no evidence to support that," Goodman says.

Continue for more from PETA and the full complaint.

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Cutting cats up is sick "science."  Stop the madness.  Animals do not have to die to find solutions.  There are high-tech, effective and non-lethal means to find answers.

Barry Bean
Barry Bean

Why would I trust PETA to give an objective reporting of anything?


Why abuse cats when there is a humane and more effective way to learn this procedure?? Hopefully this university will switch to using the mannequins. I'm glad that PETA was able to expose this.


What the fuck RFT?  Stop giving these animal killers attention on this issue.  They have no problem killing thousands of cats (  they can't care for but can't stand the idea of intubating a few for medical research.  PETA KILLS AND THEY ARE HYPOCRITES.  STOP PAYING ATTENTION TO THE ISSUES THEY CARE FOR AND GIVING THEM UNDESERVED ATTENTION.  STOP OR MYSELF AND MY ORGANIZATION WILL START TARGETING YOUR ADVERTISERS.

You have been warned.


@Benis6todayThere is a world of difference between subjecting cats to painful, terrifying, and traumatic intubation exercises (in spite of the fact that humane and superior alternatives exist and are already in use by other schools), and giving suffering animals such as these ( a painless and peaceful release from their misery. Hats off to PETA for urging Washington University to bring its training into the 21st century.



"Giving suffering animals such as these a painless and peaceful release from their misery."  Is that a joke?  Is that supposed to be fucking funny?  Did you not read the Huffington Post article?  THE DEATHS OF THESE ANIMALS WAS PREVENTABLE.  From the article and I quote:

"Unlike Shelby County No Kill Mission, PETA also reached out to officials, but not to help save the animals. PETA didn't ask what they could do with their $35,000,000 a year in revenues and millions of animal-loving members to help save animals being threatened with death, as donors intended and as supporters assumed. They didn't offer to help the Shelby County shelter find homes, build temporary kennels, board animals, foster animals, adopt animals or even just get the word out across Kentucky that animals need help. Instead, PETA sent Shelby County government and shelter officials a gift basket, with a note thanking them for their decision to start killing again after four years. "Thank you for doing the right thing" wrote PETA.

You are a liar and hypocrite.  PETA are liars and hypocrites.  No reasonable person who cares for animals can justify what they've done and obviously you don't care.  Your support for their efforts put you on their level.  FUCK OFF YOU HYPOCRITICAL PRETEND FRIEND TO ANIMALS.  I WISH WASHU WOULD PRACTICE INTUBATION ON YOU.



Yes, they are cats--sentient animals who are being abused for no good reason. The American Heart Association recommends that ONLY simulators--not animals--be used for this type of training.

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