Parkway Students Caught With Marijuana; KTVI Explores the Dangers of Pot Brownies (VIDEO)

via KTVI
This guy knows the dangers of weed.
"It's a high that won't result in higher achievement."

So says KTVI (Channel 2) which has an earnest, in-depth, punny report on the dangers of marijuana -- after two Parkway West High School students allegedly brought pot brownies to school where they intended to hand them out.

From a marijuana advocate in sunglasses to the insight of stoner-looking teens skateboarding in the Loop, the news report has everything you'd want from a local television dispatch on pot. Video below.

A classmate apparently alerted administrators about the pot brownies, according to Chesterfield police, the station reports. The two will be suspended for at least eleven days and will probably face drug-possession charges.

But are pot brownies really dangerous? Let's hear from some local pot-smoking experts!

"That's not smart. It's a dumb idea. School's for learning," one guy says.

via KTVI
This dude knows what's up.

Another dude in a baseball has this opinion to offer about pot brownies: "Eating it, it's just, that'll get too much."

Not satisfied? The station also talked to Dan Duncan with the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse, who explains why some students might decide to bring pot brownies to school...instead of, ya know, pulling out joints and smoking in front of their teachers.

"For someone who wants to hide the fact that they're using marijuana, putting it in a food product will do that, as opposed to sitting there smoking it," he says.


"But getting baked on baked goods is not only illegal," the station warns. "It can result in a stronger and longer-lasting high."

Still not convinced?

Even the cannabis advocate who wants to legalize pot doesn't think youth should be doing this!

"Using marijuana at a young age can make you unmotivated," Brian Swasey, a supporter* of Show-Me Cannabis says. "it does have its consequences."

These guys have really stirred the pot!

*Correction: Due to an apparent error in the KTVI report, an earlier version of this post said Swasey was affiliated with Show-Me Cannabis when he is actually just a supporter.

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Drugs at parkway west is great concern to all parents, thank you KTVI for exposing hope you will follow up on story to expose this students so they are not part of parkway community. I believe girl came from viz academy with convictions? She should not be allowed into any public schools ?

Tony Merklin
Tony Merklin

Yeah.....the Real Danger is they might make you "Happy" ........What a Tragedy.

JamesMadison topcommenter

Why not send drug pushers out of the school system, and make schools save? Drug free zone? No, not really, but gun free zone? absolutely. Think your drug dealers leave their guns at home when crossing school property? Think again.

Michael McGowen
Michael McGowen

I always chuckle when I see these "exposés" about kids and alchohol or pot by the news media. Apparently none of these "journalists" were out partying with the other kids when they were in high school or college. Frankly, having two grown kids who are in their late and mid 20s...I can't see that much has changed since I was in high school in the mid-'70s.

Terri Kay
Terri Kay

70's PWHS alumni noting some things never change...... *grin*

Mark Brennan
Mark Brennan

"I would stop eating pot brownies if I could find a tastier way to get pot into my system." - my cousin.

Brittney Dugger
Brittney Dugger

Oh yes, what a shame it would be for the kids to be open-minded enough to not be brainwashed by the education system. Home-schooling and pot, the answers to saving the economy and the future...

Beth Schwartz Rodgers
Beth Schwartz Rodgers

Not any worse than bringing alcohol to school, these days be glad it wasn't a Gun! Just high school kids being stupid. Where's the news here?

Stephanie Galli
Stephanie Galli

I guarantee these kids probably didnt even make them the right way to achieve the proper high.


@Worriedparent what a ridiculous thing to say, deny a child an education because you're what, white and scared in the suburbs  You should worry less about what problems other students have, and worry more about raising your children right so when faced with a difficult situation they have a good head on their shoulders and not only know the right decision to make, but will follow though with it with conviction. There are plenty of terrible parents who want to blame everyone else and fail to take responsibility for themselves and their failures, and instead of learning from mistakes, you just just carry on making new ones by pointing the finger and playing the blame game. 

 these kids aren't shooting at people, threatening anyone, raping, robbing or murdering, they were being teenage boys, a family member of mine did the same thing when he was in high school, made them right there in home ec. and he is now an upstanding member of the navy, what a terrible person that pot made him out to be I guess.

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