Schnucks' Biggest Fans: St. Louis Couple Gets Married At Des Peres Supermarket (PHOTOS)

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For their 50th birthdays last year -- which are two weeks apart -- they went on a trip to Las Vegas. There, they spontaneously decided to tie the knot.

But when they got back home, they realized they wanted a formal ceremony for their friends and family. And why not at Schnucks?

Courtesy of Schnucks.

So on Saturday, May 4, the two had a ceremony and reception inside the Des Peres grocery store. They had nearly 100 guests, and Taylor says it looked nothing like a supermarket.

"It was unbelievable," she says. "It would just blow you away. It was unreal."

Courtesy of Schnucks.

They bought their cake and other supplies right from the store, she says.

"They had everything you could've possibly needed for a wedding," she says.

Courtesy of Schnucks.

Continue for more photos of the wedding.

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