Man Shot in the Face Leaving Midtown Nightclub, St. Louis Police Say

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A 34-year-old man leaving a St. Louis nightclub in midtown early this morning was walking to his friend's car when he heard gunshots.

He bent down to the ground to shield himself, police say, but when he stood up again, he felt a sharp pain.

He had been shot in the face.

Was this a random shooting?

It's unclear who might have shot the man or if the victim was in fact the intended target.

Police say that he was shot at around 12:45 a.m. today leaving a club on the 500 block of North Cardinal Avenue by Locust Street.

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The report says that after the victim realized he was shot, a friend took him to a local hospital. He was listed in serious, but stable condition police say.

The suspect remains unknown and at large.

Here's the full report from SLMPD.

Incident: Assault 1st (Shooting)
Location: 500 block of N. Cardinal
Date/Time: 05/20/13 @ 00:45
Victim: 34-year old black male
Suspect: Unknown
The victim stated he was leaving a nightclub and was walking on N. Cardinal to his
friend's vehicle when he heard gunshots. The victim bent down toward the ground to
shield himself, but when he stood up, he felt a sharp pain to his face. He victim was
conveyed to a local hospital by a friend and was listed in serious/stable condition with a
gunshot wound to his face. The investigation is ongoing.

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Kenny Snarzyk
Kenny Snarzyk

Remember when your dad beat your mother in front of you as a child? That must have been terrifying.

Steve Mincer
Steve Mincer

ohhh...remember wayyyyyy back in 2007 when obama and all the liberals said that as soon as we got rid of those evil white republicans and got us a black president that we would "fundamentally transform america"? remember that?'s not going so well. lazy people still choose not to work, criminals are still criminals, and so on.

Kenny Snarzyk
Kenny Snarzyk

Do you still work for Anerican Airlines, Rick?

Kim Wiggs Barbour
Kim Wiggs Barbour

I will not get into a battle over things that are not politically correct..

Kenny Snarzyk
Kenny Snarzyk

Fucking St. Charles white trash. Your racism is hardly subtle. I hope you choke on cheap lobster the next time you're on a cut rate party cruise.

Steve Mincer
Steve Mincer

i don't know. you tell me what the hell "hope and change" means.

Kim Wiggs Barbour
Kim Wiggs Barbour

This needs to stop... What has happened with people. I could say more but I wont! I think you know what I am thinking

Kenny Snarzyk
Kenny Snarzyk

I bet Steve Mincer has fingered a cousin before.

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