Another Violent Cellphone Store Robbery In St. Louis: Employees Tied Up, Suspects At Large

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There's been another violent robbery in a St. Louis county cellphone store -- only this time the suspects did not wear clown masks. They did, however, tie up the employees before fleeing.

So says the county police department in reference to a robbery yesterday morning at an AT&T store at 7345 South Lindbergh Boulevard. Three black male robbers allegedly tied up two of the employees in the back of the store during the robbery just before 10 a.m.

The workers were not injured, police say, and the suspects managed to flee before cops arrived. They were, however, located later in Illinois -- but apparently were able to flee again and remain at large as of this writing.

A St. Louis county spokesman said yesterday afternoon that the Illinois State Police made a traffic stop off of Highway 55 of a vehicle that matched the description cops originally sent out of the suspect vehicle -- a beige or brown car, possibly a larger Buick, which was parked in an alley on Lemay Ferry Road during the robbery.

During the stop, police say, "a woman who is believed to be involved" in the robbery was taken into custody.

via Google Maps
AT&T store on South Lindbergh Road.

The others somehow got away. The county police report says:

Two other males fled the vehicle during the traffic stop and are still at large. Numerous cell phones and other items related to the morning robbery were recovered in the vehicle. The subjects at large are believed to be armed and dangerous.

Of the suspects, police say: "One was wearing tan boonie style hat with blue or green shirt and displayed a handgun."

Police in Illinois apparently recovered about 40 to 50 cellphones, latex gloves, zip ties -- and masks.

This incident comes just a week after a robbery in a T-Mobile store in St. Louis county in which one of the suspects wore a clown mask and was caught on surveillance video.

The county police chief tweeted that cellphone store robberies have become a growing problem:

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Police worried to give a description?

Frank Motlik
Frank Motlik

Crap like this wouldn't happen if all the stores would remove the "NO FIREARMS ALLOWED" stickers off of there doors. These three robbers wouldn't be running from the law right now... They would be sitting behind bars or laid out on a slab.

Adam Fry
Adam Fry

We need to outlaw cell phones.

Phil Janovick
Phil Janovick

I have to ask !!!! When they sell these stolen phones, can the buyer just put their own SIMS card in them & it will work ??????


if you are going to refer to this place as "st louis" you are going to have to start referring to the city as something else.  "st louis" means the city.  if you want to change that please say "the city" when refering to the city and stop referring to everything in a 50 mile radius as "st louis"

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