Ballpark Village: Cardinals Move Forward With Construction, Release Renderings (PHOTOS)

Courtesy of Cardinals
Ballpark Village!
It's actually happening, guys!

The Cardinals yesterday released new renderings of the highly anticipated, very delayed Ballpark Village project and some photographic and video evidence that construction has begun. Not just symbolic press-conference shovels!

Yesterday morning, the Ballpark Village construction crew successfully set a 96-foot-long steel beam that weighs approximately 27,000 pounds and will serve as a structural component of the large retractable glass canopy over the "Ballpark Village Live! Marketplace," the team says.

Check out more photos and construction footage below.

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As we reported during the groundbreaking in February, the construction of Ballpark Village, the mixed-use seven-block project just north of Busch Stadium, will begin with a $100 million phase. This will include an Anheuser-Busch-sponsored venue and a three-story building with the Cardinals Hall of Fame Museum as well as a restaurant.

Here's footage of the construction site via the Cardinals.

And below are more construction images, all courtesy of the Cardinals, followed by some of the new renderings, which, by the way, show you just how crowded and popular this place will really be!





Continue for more photos and renderings of Ballpark Village.

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E. Mauricio Olivera
E. Mauricio Olivera

Very rectilinear, could've complemented better with the stadium and the arch with more organic curves.

Windel Mathes
Windel Mathes

It's like looking back in time... I mean it should have been done years ago...

Steve Mincer
Steve Mincer

they should have done what san diego did with their ball park.


It still looks like a cheap sack of shit. Downtown's residential population continues to be the fastest growing in the entire region, and yet the Cardinals don't think it's important to build a new apartment building? That would sell fast! A nice 30 story tower right next to this building would really tie things together.

Tim Meehan
Tim Meehan

It needs more advertising covering the front of the building!

Ronni Smith
Ronni Smith

So glad the giant hole in the ground is making progress!

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