Cardinals Pitcher Briefly Distracted By Drunk Mets Fan Falling Over Rows Of Seats (VIDEO)

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Drinking your sorrows away when the Cardinals beat you is great and all, but one Mets fan apparently could not keep it together.

And Cardinals reliever Trevor Rosenthal briefly noticed yesterday as said fan, beer in hand, tumbled down two rows of seats at Citi Field in New York.

At least it appears the pitcher was momentarily distracted, based on the wonderful gifs and video clips currently making the rounds on the Interwebs! Maybe Rosenthal was just tilting his head right as the drunken man fell. Either way, the Cardinals still won. And this dude definitely lost. Video below!

Here's the clip.

And in Vine form.

And as a gif, because WHY NOT:

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Brett Koenig
Brett Koenig

While hilarious, it is clear that he was checking the runner at first.


"FUN at the ol' ballpark!"

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