Cennitra Fowler Admits She Threw Dog In Trash To Die; Stray Rescue Calls For Stricter Laws

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Fowler will have to take a course with Stray Rescue as part of the judge's orders.

"It's a really tough class," he says, adding that, though he does not personally teach it, "I'll be watching her like a hawk.... If she doesn't give us her full attention, I'll make sure the judge knows."

Lynn Teller with Cabbage (left) and Our Little Girl.

If she doesn't complete her required obligations, "the judge made it really clear she's going to jail," Grim says.

He notes that a required donation of only $75 is a little frustrating, given that Stray Rescue spent thousands of dollars on rescuing these two.

Ultimately, he says, it's clear that her actions are more serious than a misdemeanor charge. "What constitutes a felony? My god, she killed that dog and she almost killed another one."

Here are more photos of the two dogs.

via Our Little Girl Facebook Page
Our Little Girl today.

Randy Grim with Our Little Girl.

Our Little Boy before his death.

Continue for more photos of Our Little Girl today.

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