Sports Blogger Asks: Which is Worse -- Blackhawks or Ex-Girlfriend Porn Star?

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4. George Lucas Since the '80s

Lucas, approximately 20 minutes before it all went to hell.
You know, it's easy now to make fun of George Lucas; after all, we have better than fifteen years' worth of "Phantom Menace" jokes stored up at this point. What's much harder at this point is remembering there was a point, way back when, when pretty much everybody in the world thought the dude was a genius. I was rifling through my laserdisc collection the other day (yes, I have a laserdisc collection, and yes, it says exactly what you think it says about me), and came across "The Empire Strikes Back". I hadn't seen the flick in years, so I popped it in the player and queued it up. It's still pretty awesome. Then I got to thinking about the first time I saw a new George Lucas movie, of going to theater at Crestwood Mall, to see the new vision from the man himself. I wasn't a huge Star Wars geek, by any means, but I have to admit it was a very, very exciting time.

And then, of course, I realized George Lucas's idea of what people really wanted to see was a mentally challenged, vaguely Rastafarian abomination and Natalie Portman creaming her space panties over a nine year old boy.

It...was a tough day for me.

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