Police Find Body In St. Louis Kitchen, Pools Of Blood; May Have Been Dead For Long Period

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This weekend, St. Louis metro cops received a call to check on a 54-year-old man at a Fountain Park address. When they arrived, no one responded at the door and they forced their way in, officials say.

Inside, they found the man lying dead in the kitchen -- and observed "larges areas of blood" in the residence.

And based on preliminary investigations, police believe that the victim may have been deceased for an extended period, possibly several weeks.

The grisly discovery on Sunday came just two days after cops in University City found two men dead inside an apartment after they went to check on a resident who had not shown up for work.

Presumably, someone also noticed that this 54-year-old man was missing, prompting officers to pay him a visit late Sunday afternoon.

via Google Maps
Fountain Park street where the victim was found.

The preliminary investigation reportedly showed that the man had been dead for some time in the residence on the 4900 block of Euclid Terrace by Fountain Park (a neighborhood that has scored high in national crime rankings).

It's unclear how long this victim may have been deceased, but cops have labeled it a "suspicious death."

The investigation is ongoing and the victim's name has not yet been released.

Here's the full SLMPD alert.

Incident: Sudden Suspicious Death
Location: 4900 block of Euclid Terrace
Date/Time: 06/02/13-06/16/13 @ 11:00-17:05
Victim: 54-year old black male
Suspect(s): Unknown
Officers responded to the above address on a call for a "check on the well being" and after receiving no response when the officers announced their presence, forced entry was made. The victim was found lying in the kitchen of the residence with large areas of blood in the residence. The victim appeared to have been deceased for an extended period of time. The next of kin has not been notified. The investigation is ongoing.

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Neil Aimaro
Neil Aimaro

Take a person out of St. Louis and put them into the worst part of Chicago and they will think they are in a good neighborhood.

Sarah Welsch
Sarah Welsch

That's because all that's reported is the bad. There are plenty of things good about the city, too.

Rebecca Hohm
Rebecca Hohm

I lived there 46 years. I don't miss it AT ALL. Good luck to you.

Rachel Roach
Rachel Roach

Im leaving soon too...just not soon enough.

Rebecca Hohm
Rebecca Hohm

I moved from STL to the west coast 3 weeks ago. All I have seen practically since I left are floods, tornados, and murders in St Louis. I can't view your page anymore. While I'm happy I got out, I'm sad for all my family and friends still stuck in that armpit city.

Ed Gibson
Ed Gibson

wtf is going on in st louis???

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