Man Trying to Help Car Crash Victims Attacked by Crowd, Cut, Hospitalized, St. Louis Cops Say

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A 40-year-old man who witnessed a car crash last night in north St. Louis called police and approached a vehicle to see if the driver was doing okay.

A short while later, cops say, a group of suspects approached him -- and attacked.

As the victim walked away from the assault, he noticed there was blood on his shirt: One of the attackers had cut him with a knife.

The auto accident happened on the 2900 block of North Newstead Avenue by Labadie Avenue at around 11:30 p.m.

The victim, police say, suffered a laceration to his chest and forearm and was listed in serious but stable condition at a local hospital.

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The suspects, however, remain unknown and at large.

It's unclear how this man, seemingly acting as a good samaritan, ended up the victim of an assault involving a crowd of suspects.

Police say there was an argument leading up to the attack.

Here's the full SLMPD incident report:

Incident: Assault 1st (Cutting)
Location: 2900 block of N. Newstead at Labadie
Date/Time: 06/27/13 @ 23:20
Victim(s): 40-year old black male
Suspect(s): Unknown
The victim witnessed an auto accident which occurred at the above intersection and contacted officers. As he approached the vehicle to check on the driver, a group of several suspects approached him and began to argue with him. A struggle ensued and the crowd dispersed. As the victim walked away, he observed blood on his shirt and realized he had been cut. He sustained a laceration to his chest and forearm and was listed in serious/stable condition at a local hospital. The investigation is ongoing.

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Getting attacked while stopping to help those injured in a Saint Louis Car Accident.

Jay Hemp
Jay Hemp

That's the northside for ya!

Dale Longwood
Dale Longwood

Do we have a description of the suspects? Height? Weight? Color? I'd like to try to find them

Rick Firestein
Rick Firestein

Probably Stabbed by the same mutants of an unknown species that were fighting and pulling their hair weaves out of each other on Manchester in The Grove last night!

Heather Coil
Heather Coil

Yaaa if you witness a car accident on the north side or east side just write down the license plates and call the cops. Drive off. It will be added to the report later. Or just don't drive on the north side.

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