Porn Playing In St. Louis Taxi? After Woman's Allegations, Commission Bans Videos In Cabs

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A video screen inside a St. Louis taxicab reportedly showed three naked women touching themselves, startling a passerby who ended up reporting her complaints.

A woman named Renee declined to give her last name to KMOX (1120 AM), but she told the station that when she was at Fourth and Market streets one night earlier this month, she saw the lewd images on a screen inside the taxicab.

And the allegations, it seems, have sparked a rule change at the Metropolitan St. Louis Taxicab Commission, outlined in an e-mail forwarded to Daily RFT this morning.

That e-mail, from the office of the commission's director, says that a new rule was posted on Friday and will go into effect on June 17. That rule, according to the e-mail, says:

Electronic video devices may not be used in the presence of passengers. The viewing of pornographic videos or other sexually oriented materials on video devices is strictly prohibited at all times. Violations will result in a Class II violation.

Daily RFT left a message with the commission today to find out more details -- and to see if officials determined whether there actually was porn playing on a screen inside a cab. We'll update if we hear back.


In the meantime, KMOX reports that the "porn film," according to the witness, was showing on a flip-down screen for the passenger and included three naked women touching themselves.

The station says that the vehicle was a Harris Cab Company car. (The commission oversees and regulates a number of different companies.) We left a message with Harris today as well.

It was not actually porn, but some sort of "music video," an official from the company told the station. That official also noted that the company does not, you know, allow porn to be shown in their cabs.

Regardless, it appears that no video electronics will be permitted at all going forward.

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That lady renee dont have nothing to co get a life lady we all ño u lonley and hate your life thats why u got time to worry about others

JamesMadison topcommenter

There is something wrong with the world when the most sensitive amongst decide the standards for the rest. Apparently, it was not PORN as the RFT headline reads, and only after getting to the second to last paragraph do we learn it was a music video. Yes, some uptight individuals do consider many music video porn. Some Southern Baptists do not even like to see people dancing. If we all allow those with fragile sensitivities to rule our everyday lives, we will be watching Amish TV. Oh, that's right, the Amish do not have TV. My point exactly. And apparently, the same decision the commission reached - no video.

That she was not even inside the cab is even more disturbing. She wants others to follow her strict way of life without regards to their personal freedoms to do otherwise. We ought not allow this to happen.

Jennifer Browning Nelson
Jennifer Browning Nelson

Was this a passerby that reported this or a passenger? It doesn't appear this video was happening while someone was utilizing the services of the cab?

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