St. Louis Boy, Age Ten, Loses Four Fingers In Accidental Fireworks Explosion, Police Say

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A ten-year-old St. Louis boy lost four fingers over the weekend when a firework he was holding in his hand exploded, police say.

The injuries sent him to the hospital and the bomb and arson unit of the police department is now investigating the incident.

The explosion, police say, happened at the 5500 block of Beacon Avenue in a rear alley of the Walnut Park East neighborhood. The boy's mother was apparently at their home nearby when she heard the explosion and then saw her son -- whose hand was covered in blood.

"I didn't know what happened and when I seen it, everything just went blank," Frances Smith, mother of ten-year-old Martinez Smith-Payne, told the Post-Dispatch over the weekend.

The official police report says that the explosion happened at around 8 p.m. on Friday and that the firework ignited while the boy was holding it in his left hand.

He was shortly thereafter transported to a local hospital for treatment and as of yesterday appears to be in good condition, recovering from the incident.

via Google Maps
Beacon Avenue where the boy was injured.

The mom told the paper that her son was with his brother nearby when they found the firework and that the two were on their way to a house in the neighborhood where "fireworks are frequently sold."

It appears that the police department will soon be promoting "fun without fireworks" leading up to July 4:

Here's the full report from SLMPD:

Incident: Accidental Injury
Location: 5500 Block of Beacon (rear alley)
Date/Time: 06/21/2013 @ 20:00 hours
Victim: 10-year-old black male
Investigation revealed that the victim ignited a firework while in his left hand and it exploded, severing four of his fingers. The victim was transported to an area hospital for treatment. The Bomb and Arson Unit responded and assumed the investigation. The investigation is ongoing.

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Jeff Hunter
Jeff Hunter

Got that right ... did it happen here in the "Hood"?

Elmo Farquar
Elmo Farquar

It couldn't have been the kind in the photo here. :-\

Paul Burrows
Paul Burrows

kids will be kids..been that way since the beginning. My best friend threw a cherry bomb at me and it exploded a few inches from my side. That smarted. We were being stupid kids...about 10 years old. Lighten up people...remember what you did as a kid, especially the boys.

Chris DiMercurio
Chris DiMercurio

At what point does the intelligence of the parent and it child come into play? Really guys? You never set off fireworks when you were kids? Realllllly? They are most certainly dangerous there is no argument. But for the love of god don't jump to the ridiculous conclusion of MUST BAN ALL FIREWORKS!! That kind of thinking is preposterously unintelligent. What's a ten year old doing with fireworks? Um, I don't know, being ten?! At what point in our history did we take personal responsibility out of every single damn equation? When I was ten you never had to tell me not to hold onto a lit firework. Why? Because my parents told me I'd blow my hand off if I did.... Pretty simple huh? So before we go on the A-typical American parental knee jerk reaction parade... Could we all just come together and acknowledge that some kids are just going to do dumb stuff and get hurt? I'm not bring callus to the fact that this kid is disfigured now... I feel bad for him... But at the end of the day, people are stupid and will do stupid stuff... If he had walked into traffic and gotten hit would we band together to ban cars?

Couch Pig
Couch Pig

Id ban those stupid things way before guns

Melvin Mohn
Melvin Mohn

What the hell is a 10yr old doing firing off fireworks?

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