Snobby New York Art Critic Scowls on St. Louis; Taxpayer-Funded Trip Wasn't Good Enough

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3. The Contemporary Art Museum is redundant.

Contemporary Art Museum by Pasa47 on Flickr
News flash, people. St. Louis does not need more than one art museum. Writes Wilson of the Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis:
"Postvisit [sic], there was a feeling among my colleagues that the place lacked a convincing raison d'être--perhaps because many of them had already toured "SLAM" (so emphatic!) and failed to see the need for another, smaller, museum--but I enjoyed the shows and the chat."

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4. Missouri Botanical Garden? Snooze-fest!

Courtesty Missouri Botanical Garden
After touring CAM and the adjacent Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts, organizers of the media "junket" took Wilson and his colleagues to see the Missouri Botanical Garden. Big mistake. Wilson writes for Arftforum:
"From here on out, the expedition veered off the contemporary-art-and-architecture track in some frankly oddball directions. An outdoor lunch in blistering heat in the Islamic Garden at the Missouri Botanical Garden (because why not, I suppose), hosted by no-nonsense communications guru Peggy Lents, was followed by a tour of the premises and their admittedly imposing Climatron (there's a Sleeper joke in there somewhere)."

Continue for Wilson's take on the Chess Hall of Fame and more.

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