Sen. Brian Nieves Writes of Guns to "Drewel Upon," Calls Liberalism a "Mental Disorder"

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via Facebook
State Senator Brian Nieves.
We can't cover every bizarre thing Missouri State Senator Brian Nieves does online, but his latest Facebook activity was just too special to ignore. Earlier this month, the Republican lawmaker wrote about Governor Jay Nixon "b____ slapping the Constitution." And in April, he received national attention after we published his angry e-mail rants to a constituent who wanted to be removed from his Senate listserv.

This weekend, he decided to talk about his love of firearms with an "Only in America!!" story about a "gun that would give Nancy Pelosi instant indigestion..." An anonymous "Modern Day Patriot," he wrote, brought him a gun and his "personal Arsenal for me to look at and Drewel upon."

And there's plenty more to Drewel over in this Facebook post...including his "sincere" pondering over whether "liberalism is indeed a mental disorder."

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Here's the photo Nieves posted on Friday of his .308 pistol.

via Facebook

Alongside the photo, he published this heartwarming American Story about some police officer who saw Nieves' guns and thought they were totally wonderful:


Nieves, who has a long history of really loving firearms, had a lot more to say in response to commenters on his page.

Two commenters at least were not pleased with the post, one referencing the Sandy Hook elementary school massacre last year that left twenty children dead:


This launched a lengthy back-and-forth in which Nieves began to question his critic's views on abortion and eventually wonder aloud whether "liberalism" is a "mental disorder." Also RFT the "lib-rag" makes a cameo! Here's a selection of some of the comments below or you can read all of Nieves' remarks here. (Daily RFT sent an e-mail to Nieves this morning to see if he wanted to chat further about any of this. We'll update if we hear back).






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Manju Pandey Owoso
Manju Pandey Owoso

Doesn't say much about Missourians who elect clowns like Nieves.


Nieves does seem a bit south of sanity.

"drewel" - LoL


Looking at this, I thought, "wow, this guy is completely nuts."  On second look, I realized that I'm his constituent...  Way to alienate at least a third of your constituents.

Ryan Stufft
Ryan Stufft

If Liberalism is a mental disorder, can conservatism be considered an STD? We can put it in medical journals/studies complete with pictures right next to herpes.

Greg Katski
Greg Katski

Another gun crazy jackass of a politician.

Daniel Deadytime
Daniel Deadytime

It is a sad day, hours ago the country redneck comedian, Daniel Lawrence Whitney Otherwise known as Larry the Cable Guy, passed away from congestive heart failure in Alabama. Sorry to hear it. R.I.P. February 17, 1963 - July 22, 213

Rebekah Wedick
Rebekah Wedick

I like that Brian is a bit less filtered than most. Good for him. He raises a few good points. :)

smdrpepper topcommenter

So this nutjob is advocating the assassination of a political figure, how has he not been arrested yet?  And better yet, how did he get elected?


@Ryan Stufft 

No... Conservatives don't have sex, they procreate only 'by the Grace of God'... that's why they support abstinence only education.

Conservatism is actually a moral disorder...where they take a nice guide for life like the bible, and then twist and pervert everything it says:

"Turn the other cheek" , "Blessed be the peacekeepers", etc.~ "Nuke them into a sea of glass", "Drewel" over an assault weapon, etc.

"I was hungry and you fed me." ~ "Get a job, loser.", "Damn the welfare state."

Etc, etc, etc....

jaco1175 topcommenter

@Rebekah Wedick is it true that most springfield missurah rednecks have sex with their children when they caint corral the farm animals?

jaco1175 topcommenter

@Rebekah Wedick well he does show convincing evidence that mizzurah hillbillies are stupid inbred fucksticks

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