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Chad Garrison.
Some internal news we'd like to share this afternoon: Chad Garrison, RFT's current managing editor, will be stepping up as editor-in-chief this fall when Tom Finkel moves on to edit the Village Voice, our sister paper in New York City.

Finkel announced the news to staff today.

"I've had the great pleasure of working with Chad since he came aboard as a staff writer in June of 2004. He has proven himself an exceptional writer, equally comfortable with unconventional feature stories and hard news; he excelled as our first full-time news blogger; and most recently he has gained the respect and admiration of his colleagues while guiding them as managing editor," Finkel wrote in a staff-wide e-mail.

Garrison has a master's degree in journalism from University of Missouri and spent two years with the St. Louis Business Journal before landing at RFT.

Some other exciting RFT news:

We've hired a new staff food blogger, Nancy Stiles, who started work a week ago today. A St. Louis native and a graduate of Mizzou's J-school and, more recently, NYU's, she'll be writing and performing other food-related antics full-time for Gut Check.

Tom Finkel.

Our new restaurant critic, Cheryl Baehr, is another contributor with local roots. Cheryl grew up in St. Louis, graduated from UMSL and, later, the University of Denver. She has worked in restaurants for many years (the list includes several local eating establishments) and is relocating here from Washington, D.C., having quit her job at the International Trade Commission to write about food for us. Go figure.

By the end of this month we will also welcome a new staff writer, Danny Wicentowski, a graduate of the J-school at the University of Illinois, who is en route to St. Louis from New York City.

Finkel will take over as editor of the Village Voice, Voice Media Group's New York flagship publication, on September 3 when Garrison will start as RFT's new editor-in-chief.

For the past ten years, Finkel has edited RFT, regularly overseeing national awards in writing and design. Five RFT stories are finalists in this year's National Association of Black Journalists newspaper contest, including Finkel's "Plenty of Guilt to Go Around," an investigation of a murder conviction cowritten with Tony D'Souza.

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Terry Burk
Terry Burk

Nice reply JJ. Did you give that a lot of thought?


I hope it becomes less self deprecating and gets the confidence it needs to write articles that are more than link bait lists and more of a source for news and opinion for people who are interested in the trajectory of the city and have interesting commentary. If you don't have anything thoughtful or serious to add to your city and its virtues and flaws than nobody else will give a shit. 

Terry Burk
Terry Burk

Hopefully this means a change for the positive with deviation from the clueless left wingers who have been in charge. Please bring the RFT back to the middle with real news and social coverage.


Heartfelt congrats Chad! I always knew those 749 articles you wrote on Peter Kinder would propel you to the bigtime, and they did!! Way to Go.

Amy Cobb
Amy Cobb

Congrats ! :) So exciting!!


Congratulations all around!

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