KSDK (Channel 5) Investigates Quirky, Totally Unexplored "Hipster Culture" in St. Louis

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via KSDK
KSDK (Channel 5) has an in-depth segment today, investigating these "quirky" new members of a species called "hipsters" who are taking over St. Louis. They're in bars. They lurk in coffee shops. They dance during the daytime. They wear sunglasses. They're into jazz. And fashion. And they're young!

The station's "St. Louis hipster culture" segment this morning is one, in all seriousness, you don't want to miss, folks.

Seriously, do yourself the favor and watch the video RIGHT NOW.

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Here's the video.

Let's dissect this a bit, shall we?

What is a so-called "hipster" anyway, Channel 5?!

Let's start where all journalists start when they have an important question to explore: the dictionary:

via KSDK

via KSDK

OK, now that we've gotten that out of the way. Let's dive right in. Let's go where the hipster people go.

To a bar! In the middle of the day!!!

via KSDK

via KSDK

Sooooo quirky.

But wait, is this a St. Louis-specific species? Nope! They're in Chicago, New York and really any metropolitan area in the country. That is, according to this "hipster" expert:

via KSDK

And where do they congregate??!


At record shops selling music not currently on the Billboard charts:

via KSDK

On Cherokee Street:

via KSDK

They're on "every corner."

What does being hipster really mean, though?

There's a "vibe." It's your "demeanor." Your "attitude." And, duh, your fashion. Like these sunglasses:

via KSDK

It's also a thing you can check on a box on Yelp:

via KSDK

Hipsters reject popular culture, the station says. But wait -- what about these celebs? Surely they fit the Webster's Dictionary definition?

via KSDK

via KSDK


Continue for the best reactions to KSDK's hipster investigation and the station's response to the Twitterverse.

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