BREAKING: Missouri Is Awesome (VIDEO)

Bryan Simpson
MO pants.
The owner of a T-shirt shop in Springfield launched a Kickstarter campaign late last week called "Missouri Is Awesome" because...well, it is.

"We wanted to do something that Missouri residents could take pride in," says Bryan Simpson, owner of 5 Pound Apparel. "Missouri just gets a lot of flak, so it's kind of funny to flip the table on that."

The video stars comedian Jeff Houghton, who recently moved back to Springfield from Los Angeles, and, of course, the Show-Me State herself.

It also kind of defames our first governor. And is hilarious. Check it out after the jump.

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Simpson says he initially just wanted to make a funny video with his friends, but then he decided to tie it in with a Kickstarter campaign to launch, a website where MO fans can pick up T-shirts and hoodies extolling the virtues of our fair state. A donation to the Kickstarter is also a way to preorder shirts which say things like, "Missouri Is the Gateway to Awesome," and "Missouri: Where Dreams Come True."

Even though both the video and the shirts are pretty goofy, the mission of 5 Pound is a little more serious -- a portion of the profits on everything they sell goes to charity, with an emphasis on feeding the hungry.

Simpson already makes Springfield-pride shirts and if his Kickstarter is successful, he'll expand the line to include Kansas City- and St. Louis-themed apparel. He says donations will be directed accordingly.

"We'd love to give back in the areas that the shirts are purchased from," says Simpson.

Daily RFT thought this sounds a bit like they're stepping on STL Style's territory, but owner Randy Vines says in an e-mail to us: "I guess the Show-Me State could use some love and if these guys have a passion for it then right on. The state for all of us. We've always been very proud of St. Louis. (The rest of Missouri? Eh.) We will keep doing our thing for STL."

Simpson is well on his way to meeting that $5,000 Kickstarter goal. As of this writing it's up to $3,831 with 27 days left to go, and the YouTube video has nearly 5,000 views.

Update: Overnight, the video surpassed its goal by more than $1,000 with nearly a month of fundraising still ahead of it.

"Our big thing is, I was born and raised in Missouri," says Simpson. "It's something we do take a lot of pride in."

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Sharon Walker
Sharon Walker

Love it. I love Missouri too. I think it is in the top five prettiest states in the country. Of course, who can compete with Hawaii....or Alaska...but after that is ALL Missouri. We got the beauty of the rolling hills and greenery everywhere....waterways....and underground beauty in caves. We have a love of wildlife...and many parks preserved to showcase and utilize our beautiful state. Yeah, Missouri is the best.

Jill Delia
Jill Delia

I disagree Peg. It will always be a part of Missouri culture, despite any misfortunes on the river.

Margaret Keller
Margaret Keller

I don't think it's smart to mention float trips right now.

Jill Delia
Jill Delia

So, who knows it outside of MO & KS? Haha, regardless, NEITHER were mentioned.

Angela Poeling
Angela Poeling

Oh yeah. I guess the Royals are still in KC huh? ;)

Galin Rizov
Galin Rizov

this guy is fukin awesome !!!!! Ha love it

Katherine Lawson
Katherine Lawson

Love. Love. Love. I wish more Mizzurians had this type of humor/ attitude. Ima be gittin me some of them shirts.

Jill Delia
Jill Delia

I love the concept, but this video falls flat. It doesn't even mention the Cardinals or how we are a crazy-good sports fan state! What about BBQ & float trips! Boo!

Couch Pig
Couch Pig

I like arnolds california plug better Mzurrah doesnt even have pot shops yet how could it be awesome?

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