Police: 51-Year-Old Man Shot on His Front Porch After Telling Men He Didn't Have Money

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On Saturday at around 11:30 a.m., two young men approached a 51-year-old man sitting on his front porch in the Wells-Goodfellow neighborhood, cops say.

Metro police say the two unknown suspects demanded money from the older man who told them he didn't have any cash on him.

This allegedly prompted one of the suspects to pull out a gun and shoot.

The victim was hit -- and the suspects remain at large.

Police say the incident happened at the 5600 block of Maffitt Avenue. The suspects are described as a black male, eighteen to twenty, with a white T-shirt, medium dreads, medium complexion and another black male with a white T-shirt, low haircut and medium complexion.

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Maffitt Avenue.

When cops arrived, they found the victim sitting on the front porch of his residence suffering from a gunshot wound to his abdomen.

He was taken to the hospital where he was listed in serious, but stable condition.

Here's the full SLMPD summary.

Incident: Assault 1st (Shooting)
Location: 5600 block of Maffitt
Date/Time: 7/27/23 @ 1135
Victim: 51-year old black male
Suspect #1: Unknown black male, 18-20, white t-shirt, medium dreads, medium complexion
Suspect #2: unknown black male white t-shirt, low haircut, medium complexion
Officers responded to a call for "Shooting" and upon arrival, observed the victim sitting on the front porch of his residence suffering from a gunshot wound to his abdomen. The victim stated he was approached by two unknown black male suspects who demanded money. When the victim informed them he had no money in his possession, Suspect # 1 revealed a firearm and fired one shot, striking the victim. The victim fled the scene and was conveyed to a hospital and listed in serious/stable condition. The investigation is ongoing.

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Racism?  Big question mark there, buddy.  I'm really getting sick of these gun toting teens and 20-something males killing 7 Eleven clerks, convenience store owners, people sitting on their front porch etc...  they have no regard for life.  No respect for it.  And they kill for no reason, or for the $20 - $70 they get in the robbery.  Who is or who isn't raising these kids?  Who is launching them into our society as sociopathic, unfeeling killers?  You have to blame the parents, or lack thereof.  After that, I suppose you blame the kids themselves.

Dennis Hanson
Dennis Hanson

Racism in STL is alive and well....in all the placed I've lived the past 33 years never seen outwardly racist folks as I have in STL area.

Dennis Hanson
Dennis Hanson

It's obvious that STL had gone down the tubes ever since the Republicans tanked the economy!

Veggie Smith
Veggie Smith

I think it's obvious what the problem is. Ever since Obummer promised us hope and change the crime in St. Louis has gone up. I don't think it is a coincidence.

Steve Mincer
Steve Mincer

hope and change is what's going on. isn't it awesome?

Brian Sieve
Brian Sieve

The victim reports that this is what happened. This article is very lacking in investigation, context or statement of facts. It is likely things happened as reported by the victim. But are there other witnesses? Probably not the case - but for argument sake - if I was involved in shady dealings and shot in the process, would I report it to the police that way? I just would like the article to be more clear about what is verified and what is the statement of on party involved.

Jimmie Thomptson
Jimmie Thomptson

Yeah, but they looked like Obama, so we should look the other way

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