St. Louis Rams' Tavon Austin In Trouble For Following Strippers On Twitter?

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Tavon Austin.
What's more inappropriate social-media behavior for a an athlete -- announcing on Instagram that you are "strip club ready" or following some strippers on Twitter? At the St. Louis Rams, you can do both! Though your bosses may not be entirely pleased.

In April, we reported on Rams' "rookie of the year" cornerback Janoris Jenkins, who went all out on Instagram, living up to his party-boy reputation, including with a "strip club ready" caption.

Now, we bring you the social-media story of Rams wide receiver Tavon Austin who apparently got in trouble with his managers for some of the questionable folks he is following on his verified Twitter account.

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This is the tweet that apparently started the whole thing:

Close-up on those he was apparently following:


Yesterday, Taylor Holiday tweeted:

Turf Show Times has some more on the Rams front office playing social-media police with the players.

Austin's Twitter account is actually still live, and of the 400 or so people he is following, on very quick glance, we see at least one self-identified stripper:


Daily RFT sent a message late yesterday to the Rams press office to see if the team might have any comment or confirmation on this. We'll update if we hear back.

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Andrew Eldridge
Andrew Eldridge

As long as he is of age its not like he got in a car and killed someone while intoxicated....its the Little things in lif .


didn't kill or beat anyone, didn't drive drunk. didn't trash his employer.  so what is the problem, so what if he likes strippers what normal guy doesn't??

Nick Ebmeier
Nick Ebmeier

This is ridiculous. Janoris posts pictures of himself at strip clubs all the time on Instagram!!!

Couch Pig
Couch Pig

strippers are as bad as prostitutes how dare him

Marshall Patrick
Marshall Patrick

WOW..........what will people complain about next..........STOP IT !

Michael Peterson
Michael Peterson

Just don't kill anyone in an industrial park one mile from your home and you should be good.

Dave Edge
Dave Edge

Strippers have the best yard sales maybe he was trying to save money.

Chris Ferguson
Chris Ferguson

Did he kill anyone drunk driving? No. Model player.

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