Violent Weekend: Kenneth Watkins Found Shot In DeBaliviere Place Home (Homicide No. 49)

It was another violent weekend in the city of St. Louis. On Saturday morning, a landlord in south St. Louis discovered one of his tenants, Oscar Guerra, had shot and killed his wife and toddler son before turning the gun on himself. Later that day, metro police were called to another apartment for a shooting, this time on Pershing Avenue in the DeBaliviere Place neighborhood.

There, cops say, they found Kenneth Watkins, 22, suffering from wounds to his chest, torso and arm. He was transported to the hospital where he was pronounced dead a short while later.

After the murder-suicide earlier that morning, Watkins is the 49th homicide victim in the city of St. Louis in 2013.

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Police say Watkins lived in the apartment where he was found on the 5500 block of Pershing Avenue.

The department doesn't yet have any details to offer about the suspect, but during an investigation at the crime scene, cops spoke with several witnesses who reported hearing arguing and then gunshots coming from the hallway on the second floor of the apartment complex.

via Google Maps
Pershing Avenue where Watkins was found dead.

Officers arrived at around 11:45 p.m.

On Saturday, there were two other separate incidents of domestic violence, police say. In one case, on the 3900 block of North Florissant Avenue in Hyde Park, a 32-year-old woman got into an argument with a 33-year-old man. As the woman was reportedly waiting for family members to come pick her up from the front of the building, the suspect confronted her and allegedly removed a handgun and fired into the air.

The victim escaped without suffering any wounds, police say.

In yet another Saturday incident, on the 8500 block of Oriole Avenue in north St. Louis, police say that a dispute between a boyfriend and girlfriend turned violent and that a 29-year-old male was struck by a car. He was treated at the scene.

Here are the SLMPD incident summaries on the Saturday crimes.

Crime Summary - Sunday June 30

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Marshall Patrick
Marshall Patrick

Steve Hatfalvi, remember one sometimes looks like an idiot calling others that

Marshall Patrick
Marshall Patrick

what can I say....St. Louis City is a GETTO full of wannabe Gangsters. A lot of my friends wont go into STL to party in the drones !!!

Steve Mincer
Steve Mincer

the problem is that they aren't just killing themselves. they are breaking into our cars, killing convenience store owners, etc.

Thee Lovingcup
Thee Lovingcup

What is the criteria to say it was "very violent" compared to just violent? Domestic violence is much different than street violence or violence outside of drug/gang neighborhoods.

Rick Firestein
Rick Firestein

Nothing wrong with thinning the fact needs to accelerate! LOL watching the has....still not fast enough.

Barry Bean
Barry Bean

If there are roughly 2 million people in the STL area, there are roughly 1.6 million guns and 800,000 gun owners. Given that there have been 50 comicides, maybe the problem isn't the 800,000 law abiding citizens who manage not to shoot ayone each and every day. Maybe it's time to adress VIOLENT CRIME and quit focusing on a tool that is used for safe and legal purposes 99.99% of the time!

Blake Harris
Blake Harris

How about just saying the latest victim of violence?

Couch Pig
Couch Pig

GREAT CITY the locals love it here

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