Ten Signs You're From St. Louis

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Here at Daily RFT, we were quite intrigued when we stumbled upon the "15 Signs You're From St. Louis" BuzzFeed community post that popped up over the weekend. If you haven't already, go read it right now.

Pretty predictable, lame and disappointing, huh?

Fear not: We've made our own lil' listicle!

Without further commentary, ladies and gentlemen, we present to you RFT's real ten signs you're from St. Louis.

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1. You're commenting on a poorly sourced BuzzFeed listicle about St. Louis.

2. You're arguing with other St. Louisans in those comments about the socioeconomic bias inherent in the one about the three counties.


3. You're correcting the current location of the Shane Company. (It recently moved!!)


4. You "wear red and bleed blue," but screw them Rams, amiright?

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Continue for more signs you're from St. Louis!

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Matt Perry
Matt Perry

Of course that BuzzFeed list is predictable to anyone who grew up in or around St. Louis (i.e. NOT the target audience). Arguing about trivial bullshit sounds like a St. Louisan trait all right, like all that county stuff for example. Sheesh.


You forgot one: 

You break a 10-item listicle up into 3 pages to artificially goose the pageviews on an article mocking BuzzFeed.

Ron Clements
Ron Clements

RFT has done better work. This list just made you seem like some angry, living-in-mom's basement post.

Robert A. West
Robert A. West

I don't know what you all are going on about; this is way better than that stupid Buzzfeed list.

Will C Trumper
Will C Trumper

Come on RFT. You used to be good. You have extensive knowledge of the quirks of St. Louis. Make an actual list and stop this edgy bullshit. This is worse than Buzzfeed.

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