Washington University Senior Documenting Familiar Faces in Delmar Loop

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Andrew Koh
Recognize anyone?
Washington University student Andrew Koh is entering his senior year this fall. Soon he'll have his degree in architecture and communication design, and be off to parts unknown.

With that in mind, Koh started taking a more careful look around him, on campus and at his favorite haunts on the Delmar Loop.

"There are a lot of people who, I recognize their face, I have seen them around, but I realized also I didn't really know any of them," he says. "After having been at Wash. U. for three years, I thought that was a little bit odd."

So he launched a new photography project called Wash. U. Faces. He finally approached some of those memorable people and got a name, a portrait and the one thing they'd like to tell Wash. U. undergrads. The results so far are pretty fascinating.

It started, Koh says, with the trumpet player who often sits in front of the parking lot between Chipotle and the Tivoli Theatre.

"I was just compelled to go up to him and introduce myself," says Koh. "I got to know his name and a little bit about his story."

Koh walked down to Blick Art Materials, bought an notebook and came back. Here's what happened next:

Andrew Koh

Thumbnail image for Al_estes_book.jpg
Andrew Koh
"Al Estes -- You can fire me, but you can't tell me what to do!"

Inspired, Koh went on to approach twenty more subjects. Click through to see who the Loop regulars are and what they want Wash. U. undergrads to know.

Andrew Koh

Andrew Koh
Keith "Stay in school and get a degree because jobs are hard to find."

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KeshKat Knk
KeshKat Knk

Now this is great, please share, spread love...awesome idea Koh.

Mary Bradford Sowell
Mary Bradford Sowell

This is a great project. My little family of three likes to hang at the Loop. We live in St. Charles County, but find the eclectic vibe of the loop, not to mention the good food and fun shops, very intriguing. I usually have camera in hand to take pics of fun and interesting things and people when we visit the Loop.

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