St. Louisans Get Naked for "Bare As You Dare" Event, Celebrate "ALL Bodies" (PHOTOS)

Jon Gitchoff for RFT
Sometimes the best way to celebrate your body is to show it off in front of a bunch of strangers.

Such is the thinking behind the latest "Bare As You Dare" forum in St. Louis -- a "body-positive event" that encourages folks to strip down and talk body image, slut shaming and more. Daily RFT was on the scene to document the clothing-optional fun, in which some participants got as naked as they possibly could...within legal limits.

The event at Shameless Grounds (1901 Withnell Avenue; 314-773-9900) on Friday was a precursor to the World Naked Bike Ride, a pro-nudity event also aimed at body acceptance.

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Technically, no bare female nipples and no exposed genitals were allowed (and shoes were required, given that it's a dining establishment!). But in two weeks, St. Louisans can really bare as they dare with a bike ride that counts as a "protest" in which free speech, e.g.,. full nudity, is protected.

David Wraith, one of the organizers, told us before the event that getting nude can help people confront their own insecurities. "It's very cathartic for people who have issues with their body."

Share in the catharsis with these photos from the event, y'all!

(The more NSFW ones are on the next page, if, yaknow, butts are not safe for your work.)

Jon Gitchoff for RFT

Jon Gitchoff for RFT

Jon Gitchoff for RFT

Jon Gitchoff for RFT

Jon Gitchoff for RFT

Courtesy of David Wraith

Continue for more photos (NSFW).

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Shameless Grounds

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