Forest Park Transformed: Then And Now Photos

Courtesy of Forest Park Forever
Emerson Grand Basin in 2003 and now.
As we reported earlier this summer, St. Louis' Forest Park has been recognized as one of the most beautiful parks in the world, in large part because of its massive $100 million facelift.

Forest Park Forever -- the nonprofit group that works with the city to restore and maintain the site -- has launched a campaign this year to celebrate the park's 50,000 days in operation since it was first established in June of 1876. The "Recounting 50,000 Days" campaign is an effort to collect 50,000 memories of the park to share in the visitor center. Recently, the group shared some neat photos of the park's transformation over the last decade, offering a side-by-side look at how some sites have improved through various redevelopments.

"Forest Park is a great story of transformation," Jasmine Evans, spokeswoman for Forest Park Forever, tells Daily RFT.

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Evans provides us with these "before and after" shots of some of the most notable landmarks in the park. Take a look below and see how far the park has come in recent years.

Boathouse, June, 2003

Courtesy of Forest Park Forever


Courtesy of Forest Park Forever

Jewel Box, December, 2002

Courtesy of Forest Park Forever


Courtesy of Forest Park Forever

Government Hill, 2007

Courtesy of Forest Park Forever


Courtesy of Forest Park Forever

Continue for more photos of the transformation.

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