Hall of Famous Missourians: Top Thirteen Nominations for Inductees (PHOTOS)

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Rush Limbaugh bust.
Who deserves the great honor of being recognized alongside Rush Limbaugh inside the Missouri State Capitol rotunda? The leadership of the House of Representatives is looking for inductees to the Hall of Famous Missourians!

In addition to the great Limbaugh, the hall includes some very influential Missourians like Dred Scott, Stan Musial, Sacajawea and Walter Cronkite.

House Speaker Tim Jones announced last week that he is seeking candidates and plans to soon make a top ten list, which he will use to ultimately select three new members.

Below, RFT presents in no particular order, our top thirteen suggestions. Let us know your picks in the comments!

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13. Jon Hamm

John Bollwitt photo via

Who cares if he's a flash-in-the-pan actor? Think about how friggin' handsome his bust will be!

12. Jack Dorsey

Pete Souza

If Jack didn't exist, we might not have even known about this opportunity in the first place.

11. Linda Blair

Glenn Francis photo via

Best known for her role as the possessed child, Regan, in the The Exorcist, her bust could be the only one that rotates 360 degrees and projectile vomits!

Continue for more of our nominations to the Hall of Famous Missourians.

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Tennessee  Williams should be considered.  I can't believe he's not on the list.


Who the fuck picks these people? A few deserve to be in the Hall of Fame..Phyllis Diller, Brad Pitt, and William Burroughs. But who the fuck is fatso Phyllis Smith? And to nominate someone like Lance Robertson denegrates the rest of them. No wonder people make such fun of Missouri.


This list is missing Robert Heinlein, one of the great American authors, and the first to be awarded the title "grand master of science fiction".

Lizzy Shake
Lizzy Shake

How about a star on the St. Louis Walk of Fame while we're at it?

Bob McCollum
Bob McCollum

Jon Hamm God damn. He deserves this. He is undoubtedly the best looking MO native.

Jean Whitney
Jean Whitney

Who would want to join ranks with Limbaugh?

Neil Aimaro
Neil Aimaro

Rush is not famous. He is infamous. There is a difference.

Jay Brandt
Jay Brandt

I can't imagine that anybody would want to have a place next to Limbaugh.

Floyd Brookman
Floyd Brookman

Hey! That looks just like what I flushed down my toilet earlier!

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