India Randall, 23, Found Dead in Bed, Bruised, Had Been out of Contact for Days (Homicide 60)

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In addition to investigating six shootings over the weekend that resulted in several life-threatening injuries and one fatality, the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department also responded to a south St. Louis home on Saturday where they made a startling discovery.

India Randall, 23, was lying dead in her bed -- and police say the early investigation shows she was likely murdered.

The woman, who lived in the Benton Park West neighborhood, had been out of communication for five days prior.

Police have no information to share yet about possible suspects, but they are classifying the death as a homicide.

This makes her the 60th homicide victim in the city of St. Louis in 2013. Another individual was shot and killed over the weekend, and a third is clinging to life and is not expected to pull through.

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Street on California Avenue where Randall was found dead in her home.

Police say that they were "checking on the well-being" of the woman, likely in response to a concerned family member or friend. When they arrived, they found her in her bed and observed "evidence of bruising on the victim's face and neck along with other signs of homicide," the report says.

The cause of death is unclear at this time.

She lived on the 2900 block of California Avenue.

Here's the full SLMPD alert.

Incident: Homicide
Location: 2900 block of California
Date/Time: 7/31/13 - 8/3/13 @ Unknown
Victim: India Randall, 23-year old black female of the 2900 block of California
Officers responded to an assignment of "checking on the well being". The officer was able to again entry into the apartment and discovered the victim in bed deceased. There was evidence of bruising on the victim's face and neck along with other signs of homicide. Victim had been out of communications for 5 days prior to discovery. The investigation is ongoing.

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