Kirk Jackson, Massage Therapist Who Secretly Filmed Naked Clients, Sentenced to Eight Years

Kirk Jackson.
Kirk Jackson, a 39-year-old former massage therapist who admitted to secretly videotaping his female clients, was sentenced in St. Charles county yesterday to eight years behind bars.

Jackson, however, still has two other criminal cases pending in St. Louis city and county.

As we reported last year, Jackson, who operated a company called Atlas Massage Therapy, first faced charges that he videotaped clients while they undressed in St. Charles. Police there searched his home and found multiple DVDs and CDs filled with footage of a handful of his clients who officials say were unaware he was filming them. A woman had come forward in March of last year after she apparently discovered a video camera hidden under a tissue box.

This prompted an undercover operation that led authorities to about 140 videos of women in restroom stalls, tanning beds, massage rooms and more.

He pleaded guilty in June to fourteen felony counts of privacy invasion.

Jackson's attorneys brought his mother, pastor and a former client as character witnesses in St. Charles county court to testify that he was not a threat, the Post-Dispatch notes.

Kirk Jackson.

"When people are getting a massage, they're half-naked anyway," his attorney Lou Horwitz said, according to the paper. "This is not the crime of the century."

The charges in St. Louis city say that he was contracted to give massages to employees at a company called Gateway EDI and that he filmed videos of them changing and of the actual massages.

Court records show that Jackson has a settlement conference hearing scheduled for today in the St. Louis county case, in which he is facing two misdemeanor charges and one felony charge of privacy invasion.

Here is a copy of the St. Louis city charges:

Kirk Jackson PC

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Ewww what a nasty little perv!!!  Probably wackin away at home to the videos gross!!!

Darrell Ford
Darrell Ford

Man, if you can't trust a person rubbing all over your naked body, who can you trust ?

Lauren M Brace
Lauren M Brace

As a massage therapist, I'm deeply offended. This gives my profession a bad name, even for those of us who are professionals and are committed to treating real pain issues.

Jim Vaughn
Jim Vaughn

Ah. The old "Hey, it's not like he's Hitler or anything, " legal argument.

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