Lambert Airport to Offer Free Wi-Fi Service!

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Something cool is happening at Lambert Airport, guys!

It will soon offer free Wi-Fi! For twenty minutes, that is.

Airport officials announced this week that it plans to "modify its Wi-Fi network" to enable passengers and visitors to connect to wireless Internet access for free for one daily login of up to twenty minutes. Better than nothing, right!

The change, officials say, is part of a contract amendment with Boingo, its Wi-Fi provider, approved by the St. Louis Airport Commission and now waiting final approval by the city.

If the contract change is fully approved, the limited free Wi-Fi service would begin November 1 this year.

For customers who want more than twenty minutes, the normal $7.95 access fee -- which gets you 24 hours -- will apply.

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Lambert Airport.

"This is a response to the growing demand for free Wi-Fi at airports everywhere. Our travelers have a need to stay connected, and we understand that," Lambert director Rhonda Hamm-Niebruegge says in a statement. "Many large airports like Lambert charge for Wi-Fi because of the challenges associated with covering costs to build and maintain these systems across such vast properties. However, we feel this twenty-minute free access shows our commitment to offer customers every amenity possible."

The Wi-Fi system at the airport covers around 1.5 million square feet of terminals and concourses.

So how will you spend your twenty minutes? Ten on Facebook, ten on Twitter? Nearly a full episode of something on Netflix? Catching up on Daily RFT?! The possibilities are endless/super limited.

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Kelly Kaufmann
Kelly Kaufmann

Question: I've not flown into Lambert airport, but I pick people up from the airport all the time. Does the airport direct arriving passengers to go to the paid parking lot to be picked up? Because never once have we been able to get a person to find their way to be picked up on the street instead of the paid parking.

Jack Probst
Jack Probst

this seems more like an Onion headline, but i don't travel much, so what do i know about free wi-fi.

Nichole Ann
Nichole Ann

How about Real Airlines?! Doing something to make it an International hub again?!

Margaret Keller
Margaret Keller

It's free for 20 minutes. It's meant to get people on the net so that they can charge them for the rest of the time. I bet you are the kind of person who refuses free samples because you're afraid you will like it so much you'll buy the product and then feel ripped off for buying something you wanted.

Casey McBroom
Casey McBroom

I agree with "nothing is free"... However, we're paying for the security rights violating nonsense they have in these airports... Airports might be the biggest sore thumb in terms of the fascist state we live in..

Michael Mytzlplyk
Michael Mytzlplyk

BS. Nothing is free. As my Grandfather said "I don't want anything that's free. I can't afford it."

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