Missouri Loves Teen Porn (REPORT)

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Today in information you totally did not need to know, we've got for you the results of a Very Important study about the top porn search terms in Missouri.

The Show-Me State, apparently, loves teen porn.

And MILFs! And "compilation" videos.

The data comes from the website PornHub, which has released a whole bunch of data on porn habits across the country.

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Here's the site's map showing top search terms for each state in the country, color-coded based on the average duration of Web visits:


And here's those top three searches in Missouri:


Missouri users apparently spend an above-average amount of time on the site compared to other states. It has the No. 14 spot in terms of length of duration.

The results appear to line up with a totally separate (global) study we reported on earlier this year from the site PornMD, which had these top ten searches for Missouri:

Porn md MO.jpg

Here's the full data from the latest PornHub research. Some surprising stuff in Kentucky!

(h/t Jezebel, Daily Dot)

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