Photos: 12 Worst St. Louis Crimes, July 2013

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Crime rates typically climb in summertime and July in the St. Louis metro area was certainly a busy month. There have now been more than 60 homicides in the city this year with several high-profile tragic cases occurring over the last month -- including the fatal shooting of a nine-year-old boy inside a car and a Chase Park Plaza hotel director who was killed in a seemingly random attack.

There were also several incredibly absurd crime stories, including an alleged horse sex abuse case, a mom who left a loaded gun inside her toddler's crib and much more.

Check out below our roundup of the twelve craziest and most horrific local crime stories of the last 30 days.

12. The Wife-Zapper


Brian David O'Neill is not the most violent suspect of the last month, but he may be the worst husband we've written about it. Police say the St. Charles man repeatedly zapped his wife...reportedly because he could not find his wallet.

And he apparently has a history of threatening his wife.

Full story: St. Charles Man Repeatedly Zaps Wife With Stun Gun Because He Can't Find Wallet: Cops

11. The Man Who Had Sexually Assaulted A Horse...Repeatedly

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Lawrence Jones, a 79-year-old St. Louis county man, faces charges that he repeatedly sexually assaulted the same horse at a stable.

"It's just pretty weird that somebody is that perverted," the owner of the stable told Daily RFT.

Full story: St. Louis Man Lawrence Jones, 79, Admits He Repeatedly Sexually Assaulted Horse: Cops

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