St. Louis Named Number One Most Deadly Place to Live in America

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3. Tornadoes

National Weather Service
Recent St. Louis tornado damage.

"In 1956 Missouri saw 42 tornadoes, killing 56 people. The last 20 years in Missouri averaged 30 tornadoes a year. Almost a billion dollars in damage."

2. Oil and gas pipelines

Missouri Department of Natural Resources
Oil pipeline leak in the Mississippi River north of St. Louis.

"Now put that together with the major oil and gas pipelines in the city and you got problems."

1. Toxins

Bev Sykes photo via

"Add 22 million pounds of toxins spewing in the air in 2009 alone."

And here's the full top ten list from the Conservative Post, which says it relied on information from Newsmax, ABC, Popular Science and CNN:

10. Memphis
9. Houston
8. Seattle
7. New Orleans
6. New York
5. Newark
4. Miami
3. Oakland
2. Los Angeles
1. St. Louis

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