St. Louis A Top Labor Day Weekend Travel Destination...That's Affordable! (REPORT)

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St. Louis is one of the top American destinations for a Labor Day weekend vacation...if you're looking for a cheap getaway.

So says a new report from travel site, which has ranked the top five cities in the U.S. for Labor Day travel along with top five more affordable alternatives.

While Chicago is the No. 1 destination for the holiday weekend -- based on hotel bookings on the site -- St. Louis makes the cut as one of the best options for reasonably priced visits. And by some measures, St. Louis is actually an all-around better Midwest summer destination than Chicago anyway, so choosing us is a total win-win, America!

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The website says in a news release that St. Louis is one of the top five so-called "sleeper cities" that "can go toe-to-toe with all of the big cities that top our list, so travelers can still have an unforgettable end-of-summer getaway without the holiday crowds or steep prices."

The popularity of the top five cities tends to lead to higher prices, the site says.

Those top five most popular destinations are based on hotel bookings made on between June 15 and August 5 for stays between August 30 and September 2.

They are:


St. Louis, alternatively, has an average hotel stay of $68 per night, which compared to Atlanta, its counterpart in the report, represents a 23 percent savings. But compared to Chicago -- which we think is a much more logical comparison -- that's about a 50 percent savings.

The "sleeper cities" rank as such:


Of St. Louis, the site says:

Atlanta may be known for things like its Southern culture and its great music scene, but St. Louis is full of a charm all its own. The Gateway to the West has a broad musical offering over the holiday weekend from regional acts like Pepperland and Vaski, as well as activities like the Big Muddy Blues Festival.

For fun, from our previous coverage of St. Louis' rank as the best Midwest summer getaway, here are some of the super obvious reasons why we're a stellar choice:

Forest Park

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Saint Louis Art Museum

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Recent ceremony.

Outdoor Film Series

via every Friday night on Art Hill.

Continue for more weekend getaway draws.

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Julie Banderman
Julie Banderman

It's a great weekend get away because there's a weekend's worth of stuff to do...not an entire vacation. Who would want to stay longer?

Jesse Plan
Jesse Plan

Too bad the city's laced with crime, and nowhere to push the low-income-non-working-public out....

Michael Mytzlplyk
Michael Mytzlplyk

If you're a racist, I am sure you could make my statement racist somehow. I am an Irish Catholic Jew, if that helps you... I moved out of St. Louis County 4 years ago and I have no intention of ever going back.

Byron Nichols
Byron Nichols

Yea these things may happen depending on what area you go to. Not all areas in St.Louis are affected by the high crime rate. Granted I would say there is a certain percentage in each municipality where something could possibly happen so it's basically a game of hot and cold. Go to the north side or East Saint Louis and your hot, go to Maplewood or anything West County and you are pretty cold.

Kelle Deyne
Kelle Deyne

It's a great get away for Missourians who don't live here. I wonder how's many tourist come outside of 200 miles or not just for a sporting event.

Megan C Sheperd
Megan C Sheperd

St. Louis has a lot of great attributes that a lot of people obviously tend to forget. The zoo, science center, history museum, and art museum for instance are all free to enter due to good people who give to make the city a better place. Hospitals such as Cardinal Glennon are funded by charity as well. There are bad people everywhere but the places mentioned above remind me everyday that the good outweighs the bad. Say and think what you please but I bet you can't name another city as large as St. Louis that offers their citizens and visitors low-cost family fun.

Couch Pig
Couch Pig

Can we make your response racial somehow?

Michael Mytzlplyk
Michael Mytzlplyk

Don't go to that hell hole unless you want to be victimized. They will break the windows in your car, steal the contents, steel your hubcaps, they will mug you, rob you, rape you, and if you survive, they will shoot you or stab you. They will also steal your cellular telephone and your wallet and leave you for dead. Other than that, and the blight, it's a great city.

Fred Hohberger
Fred Hohberger

Because St.Louis rocks and we have best baseball team ever, and we are the greatest sports city in the world and on Labor day we support our working people and our unions!

Anthony Rogers
Anthony Rogers

Is that a nice way of saying St. Louis is very poor?

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