Stanley "Outlaw" Carter Sentenced: St. Louisan Guilty of Assault Rifle Murders, Drug Charges

Stanley "Outlaw" Carter.
A federal judge is ensuring that Stanley "Outlaw" Carter's nickname remains relevant for many years to come.

Officials announced this morning that Carter, a 29-year-old St. Louis city man, has been sentenced to twenty years behind bars for two felony counts of brandishing and discharging a firearm as part of drug trafficking crimes. Carter will have to serve this sentence consecutively to his not-yet-completed sentence from the St. Louis Circuit Court for a 2008 shooting.

The announcement comes four months after Carter -- allegedly a member of the violent "Dip Set" gang -- pleaded guilty to the federal crimes.

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On March 26, 2008, federal prosecutors say, he and his co-defendant Antonio "Lips" Shaw and accomplice Richard "Repeat" Bobbitt, entered a city residence with their guns drawn. At the time, the home was occupied by a ten-year-old girl, a teenage boy and the children's mother.

The three men stole a "significant amount of marijuana" from the home and fled.

Then on May 10, 2008, Carter used an "AR-15 assault-style rifle" to kill two men associated with a rival group, prosecutors say.

Antonio "Lips" Shaw, Carter's co-defendant.

The two were inside a vehicle when Carter approached and apparently "opened fire from point-blank range."

This shooting happened at the area often called "the circle," near 1199 Riverview Boulevard in the Baden neighborhood in north St. Louis.

The first victim, Adolph Ellison, was pronounced dead on the scene and the second, Donald Mack, died a short while later. Immediately after the shooting, Carter and his accomplices fled and took steps to try and conceal evidence, prosecutors charged.

Shaw, 26, was previously sentenced to over 31 years of imprisonment on one felony count of conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute pot and crack along with a second drug trafficking firearm felony charge. He was convicted by a jury earlier this year.

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The sentence imposed today by United States District Court Judge Henry E. Autrey marks the close of the federal investigation into the violent criminal activity perpetuated by the so-called Dip Set group, according to the U.S. Attorney's Office for the Eastern District of Missouri.

That investigation began in 2009 and involved the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department, the St. Louis County Police Department, the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and the U.S. Marshals Service.

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Scott Tyler
Scott Tyler

It's actually 20 years federal after 31 state....but my question is, why does it take 5 years to get a conviction? Did he finally run out of money to pay his lawyers?

Josh Goodman
Josh Goodman

It's the RFT, they don't know any better.

Anthony Merkel
Anthony Merkel

I see the scary term ASSAULT RIFLE is being used again. An AR15 is NOT an assault rifle. An M-4 military rifle with full auto is an assault rifle as you put it. The AR15 is a semi automatic sporting rifle. Also, assault is an action, not an object! Stop spreading bogus fear!

dalediversity topcommenter

I used to role with the Dip Sets

El Shabai
El Shabai

20 years? did he get candy with that?

billj598 topcommenter

O-o-o, another libturd headline ignorant of the fact that a so-called "assault rifle" uses the exact same semi-auto firing ability, by law, as any semi-auto hunting rifle.  The ONLY difference is in their physical appearance and yes, gun-control Nazi's, you can legally purchase large quantity ammo magazines for hunting rifles too. 

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