Ben Affleck Filming Movie in Cape Girardeau; Locals Trying to Stay Calm But, Like, OMG!

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The Affleck has landed.
Ben Affleck is in Missouri. And the good one, at that. The Argo and Good Will Hunting and future Batman Affleck. Not the Gigli and Surviving Christmas Affleck. That dude is sooo 2004.

But anyway, Ben Affleck is in Missouri, ya'll!! And so is Neil Patrick Harris. And model Emily Ratajkowski. They're holed up down in Cape Girardeau filming the who-dunnit thriller Gone Girl. Meanwhile, local residents are trying to keep their cool but, c'mon, what's a girl to do when Ben Affleck walks through your door?

Answer: Alert the media and let 'em know that you landed some hot scoop! Such was the case when KFVS-TV interviewed a thrift-store clerk who recently found herself waiting on Affleck and his stylist.

"They ended up spending about $1,000 in clothes for the movie," a breathless Melissa Colyer told the television station. "Ben Affleck was very tall. He was nice, and he had a Batman T-shirt on. His stylist was also really nice, and it's probably an experience I'll never forget."

KFVS 12 News

But she's not the only one to catch a glimpse of Affleck. Photos of the actor in Cape Girardeau are popping up all over social media. Same goes for sightings of the other celebs. Just this week the Southeast Missourian reported that Neil Patrick Harris was spotted at a local Starbucks. Drinking coffee!!

Continue on for more local reaction to the Hollywood stars, including a public plea for Cape residents to maintain their composure.

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Kathie Steffens
Kathie Steffens

I thought Cape was used to big stars-home of Rush Limbaugh.

Emily K Lohrmann
Emily K Lohrmann

Clooney was never in Cape. He only filmed in stl city (like @ the Cheshire Inn). You're thinking of "Kill Shot".


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Shannon Elizabeth Walker
Shannon Elizabeth Walker

I went to the casting call, haven't heard anything yet. I think it'd be awesome to high five NPH.

Charlie Cochran
Charlie Cochran

It was nice when Clooney and Company were here to film Up In The Air. Read the book this film is based on, Cape is perfect


Hilarious.  A self-righteous St. Louis journalist mocking Cape folks for following actors in A STORY ABOUT THE ACTORS AIMED AT ST. LOUIS READERS.  Like, OMG, indeed.

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