St. Louis Couple Gets Married at Burning Man: "A Beautiful Dream" (PHOTOS)

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After getting their marriage license in Reno, the two arrived to Burning Man and began biking around the site, scouting out possible locations for the wedding. (There are incidentally many weddings at Burning Man, at least several dozen of which involved couples with formal licenses this year.)

A lot of strangers and new friends helped them throughout the process and preparation.

"It made it a lot more special," she says.

Sarah Cross
Jessica and Kristopher Bergen seal their marriage.

When they saw the "Church Trap," it seemed like a perfect fit.

"It's a church that pulls you in," she explains, "and traps you inside."

The structure resembles an old barn setup like some sort of mouse trap with a large wooden pole holding it up, she says. Inside are tiny pews.

On the night of the ceremony, all sorts of strangers joined in the celebration. "You have no idea who they are, but they are giving you hugs and high-fives," she says.

Sarah Cross
Just married.

Jessica rode into the ceremony on a chariot bicycle with the help from some of the folks in her camp group (called "Do-More-Now"). There was a small group of close friends and people the couple had met at previous Burning Man festivals also attending the ceremony -- and many more strangers.

"Tons of people were a part of it that we've never met before," she says, estimating at least 100 attendees. "It doesn't give you much of a chance to be nervous or scared -- it's just such a chaotic place."

And they exchanged vows.

Sarah Cross
Kristopher dips Jessica in front of their wedding venue, the Church Trap.

"He promised to love me more than spicy food and Jack In the Box tacos," she recalls, "and I promised him an adventure of a lifetime."

"We definitely started that already being at Burning Man," she says.

The two will have another ceremony later this month at City Museum, where Jessica used to work.

Sarah Cross
Enjoying their first playa sunset as a married couple.

They are both still decompressing from the whole experience, she says.

In a recent Facebook post reflecting on the experience, Jessica writes: "It is now just a memory...a beautiful dream."

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