Cardinals: Matt Adams 1st in Team's History to Hit Two Extra-Innings Home Runs (VIDEO)

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In case you missed it, Matt Adams made Cardinals history at last night's sixteen-inning game.

After hitting home runs in the fourteenth and sixteenth innings, Adams became the first player on the team to ever hit two extra-inning home runs (securing the Cardinals a 5-4 win over Cincinnati).

"It feels good," Adams said after the game, regarding his second multi-homer game in his career. "It would feel good to anybody, especially against the team we're battling for a playoff spot."

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You can watch the first home run here and here is footage of the second record-breaking one via

Adams also apparently became the first Major League Baseball player ever to hit two home runs from the fourteenth inning on.

Some Twitter acknowledgements:

Great way to kick off his 26th year of life:

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Rich Beck
Rich Beck

well, the reds took 3 of 4 still

Colin Feeney
Colin Feeney

And also the first player in baseball history to hit two homer runs after the 11th inning of a extra inning game as well.

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