Carnez Winslett Shot Dead at His Birthday Party; Darnell Hollings Arrested (Homicide 72)

Darnell Hollings.
Carnez Winslett, 36, was shot dead at his birthday party in north St. Louis.

So say prosecutors who have charged Darnell Hollings, 21, in the fatal shooting this past Saturday. Prosecutors say that Winslett was standing in a crowd in front of his home on Durant Avenue in the Mark Twain neighborhood when a car pulled up on the street. Hollings, police say, was in the back, with his window open. A woman came out of the car and entered the home and then went back to speak to the driver of the vehicle.

At this point, Hollings allegedly pulled out a semi-automatic handgun -- and began firing.

Police believe he fired about ten times into the crowd of people. Winslett suffered multiple gunshot wounds and was pronounced dead at the hospital a short while later.

A second victim, a 21-year-old male, was hit in the abdomen and taken to the hospital in serious condition, suffering from injuries to his intestines. A 49-year-old male was also hit and taken to the hospital with gunshot wounds to his buttocks. He was in stable condition. The fourth victim was a 38-year-old male who was hit in the ankle and taken to the hospital in stable condition. The bullet, however, remains lodged in his ankle, prosecutors say.

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Durant Avenue.

Hollings is currently on probation in the city of St. Louis, facing previous charges of unlawful possession of a firearm, resisting arrest and leaving the scene of an accident. He also has a prior conviction for first-degree tampering.

Winslett is the 72nd homicide victim in the city this year.

Here are the full charges, followed by the original police incident report.

Darnell Hollings Probable Cause Statement


Incident: Homicide
Location: 5000 block of Durant
Date/Time: 09/07/2013 @ 23:34
Victim #1: Carnez Winslett, a 36-year old black male of the 5000 block of Durant
Victim #2: 21-year old black male
Victim #3: 49-year old black male
Victim #4: 38-year old black male
Suspect(s): Unknown
The four victims were located lying on the sidewalk and street in front of the above location. Victim #1 was unconscious and suffering from a gunshot wound to the chest. He was transported to area hospital where he was pronounced deceased. Victim #2 suffered a gunshot would to his abdomen. He was transported to an area hospital where he is listed as serious. Victim #3 suffered a gunshot wound to his buttocks. He was transported to an area hospital where he is listed stable. Victim #4 suffered a gunshot wound to his ankle. He was transported to an area hospital where he is listed as stable. Witnesses have indicated that suspects operating s silver four-door sedan had shot at the victims as they stood at above location. The investigation is ongoing.

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Byron Nichols
Byron Nichols

Fuck this guy. I worked with Carnez and he was a really good guy. He did not deserve this.


Why was this guy on the street with so many priors? He should have been locked away

dalediversity topcommenter

It would have been nice if someone had gotten a look at the suspect so we could all be on the lookout for him. For example, what color is he? 

Karen Hall
Karen Hall

it's the same story every damn day. what is the deal with this area??

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