Dashon Marquise Lee: Homicide No. 73, Found Dead in Driver's Seat of Car in North St. Louis

After a particularly bloody weekend, there has been yet another homicide in the city of St. Louis.

This latest fatal shooting claimed the life of 21-year-old Dashon Marquise Lee, a black male who lived on the 1000 block of Tillie Avenue in north St. Louis.

Police responded to a call for a shooting at the 8400 block of Halls Ferry Road at around 2:05 a.m. this morning and at first could not locate the victim, according to an incident report.

Eventually, police located Lee at the intersection of Tillie Avenue and Newby Street in the Baden neighborhood.

via Google Maps
Tillie and Newbie in the Baden neighborhood.

He was found in the front driver's seat of a gold Saturn sedan, officials say.

He was pronounced dead on the scene -- and police have no further information at this time about possible suspects.

He is the 73rd homicide victim in the city this year. At this time last year, there were more than 80 murders.

Here's the full incident report.

Incident: Homicide
Location: 8400 block of Halls Ferry
Date/Time: 9/9/13 @ 02:05
Victim: Dashon Marquise Lee, 21-year old black male of the 1000 block of Tillie
Suspect(s): Unknown
Officers responded to a call at the above location for a "shooting" but did not locate a victim. A short time later, officers were requested to the intersection of Newby and Tillie for a victim of a shooting, believed to have occurred at the above location. The victim was located in the front driver's seat of a gold Saturn sedan in the 8200 block of Newby. The victim was pronounced deceased on the scene. The investigation is ongoing.

For more of Daily RFT's coverage of the latest metro St. Louis homicides, visit our "Big Bloody" archive.

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WTF..... Dashon was a very good kid who never got into trouble.... UR ANSWER IS NO.... HE WAS NOT ON WELFARE.... he was my little cousin.

dalediversity topcommenter

I wonder if he was on welfare? 

Brian Brown
Brian Brown

And 73 is just a few hours before 74 will happen .... Ect


Just as I wonder if the people in ur community use the extra money from stealing from schools and the community to create all the meth labs.


Wtf does that have to do with anything , did you even know Dashon , no , so why are you writing something like that , get a life , Loser

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