Deandre Thomas: Man Killed in North St. Louis Alleyway, Suspect At Large (Homicide No. 74)

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Deandre Thomas, 30, was walking in an alley in the Penrose neighborhood of north St. Louis at around 9:30 p.m. Wednesday night when a Chevy Suburban drove past. Police say someone fired multiple shots from the car -- a silver or light gold color -- before fleeing from the scene.

Officers found Thomas on the 3900 block of Shreve Avenue suffering from gunshot wounds to his chest, forearm, neck, shoulder and face.

It was too late to take him to the hospital. Cops pronounced him dead on the scene.

At this time, police have no information about possible suspects and whether there were multiple people in the vehicle.

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Shreve Avenue.

Thomas lived on the 4800 block of Margaretta Avenue nearby. He is the 74th homicide victim in the city of St. Louis this year. At this time last year, there were around 83 murders.

Thomas is the latest in a string of drive-by murders. Carnez Winslett was allegedly killed by a shooter who was inside a car on Saturday. Police say it was his birthday party.

Desmond Adair, a 21-year-old male, was reportedly killed by gunfire coming from a vehicle near the Arch grounds earlier this month.

Here's the short metro police summary from the latest fatal shooting in the city.

Incident: Homicide
Location: 3900 block of Shreve
Date: 9/11/13 @ 21:21
Victim: Deandre Thomas, 30 year old black male of the 4800 block of Margaretta
Suspect(s): Unknown
Officers responded to the above address and located the victim in the alley unresponsive with apparent gunshot wounds to the chest, forearm, neck, shoulder and face. The victim was pronounced deceased at the scene. Investigation revealed that the victim was walking southbound in the alley when a silver/light gold, newer model Chevy Suburban drove along side him and fired several shots at him from the vehicle. The vehicle then fled northbound. The investigation is ongoing.

For more of Daily RFT's coverage of the latest metro St. Louis homicides, visit our "Big Bloody" archive.

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Steve Mincer

who said anything about obama? once obama worshiper did. not me.

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Barry Bean

Neil, gun owners would LOVE to have the same lack of restrictions car owners do! Contrary to your assertions above, the only time you HAVE to involve the state to own a car is to pay taxes. If you don't operate it on the road, no license or permit or state permission required. You can buy a car from anyone you like, sell it to anyone you like, modify it as you like, and you can buy and sell cars across state lines to your hearts content without need for gov't permission.

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Neil Aimaro

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Barry Bean

We need sensible car control! Way too many cars in the wrong hands!

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