GunBusters Firearms Pulverizer: Chesterfield Machine Destroys Confiscated Guns (VIDEOS)

via YouTube / GunBusters
What do law-enforcement agencies do with the many illegal guns they confiscate during their police work or acquire through buybacks? Sometimes, firearms can pile up and take up valuable space -- and often departments destroy them.

Thanks to a Chesterfield-based company, the actual process of destroying these guns just got a whole lot easier.

Meet the "GUNBUSTERS™ Firearms Pulverizer," a machine which does exactly what its name suggests: pulverizes guns.

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Here's how it works via GunBusters:

"We've had more and more departments that have asked us to help them come up with a way to dispose of firearms," retired police lieutenant Ray Reynolds tells Daily RFT. "I was trying to figure out how to come up with a simple system to do it."

Reynolds, who served in the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department for 24 years and who also runs, is the brains behind the pulverizer, which was officially unveiled yesterday.

He says it's the first product of its kind and could become very popular locally and across the country.

Some agencies currently destroy guns by cutting them with a saw, torching them, hitting them with sledge hammers or even dumping them in the ocean.

"Those are inherently dangerous," he says.

The machine is similar to the technology used on cars at scrap yards, but those often don't work well on smaller guns, he says.

Reynolds explains that the product (approved by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives) also has a tracking device that records the serial number of the firearm and time of its destruction. As a news release says:

The Patent Pending GUNBUSTERS™ Firearms Pulverizer system enables law enforcement agencies to destroy confiscated and surrendered firearms within the safe confines of the agency. It is the first commercial pulverizer specifically made to destroy firearms. The ATF approved GUNBUSTERS' pulverization system, includes an optical capture camera system with two high-resolution cameras that records the serial number and the pulverizing of each firearm. The video program simultaneously time-stamps the images to show the date and time of the destruction, while displaying the operator's and witnesses' names, and other agency information. The system may also be utilized to destroy knives, computer hard drives and license plates.

The machine weighs about 7,200 pounds:

Courtesy of GunBusters

"It's designed to be a safe and very simple and very secure solution," he says.

Agencies can buy them and the company is currently hosting demonstrations in Chesterfield for interested law enforcement officials.

He points out there are states which have laws actually banning the destruction of guns (North Carolina's "save the gun" legislation recently got a lot of attention).

The high-profile Missouri gun bill up for debate today at the capitol incidentally would change the policy around gun destruction here (essentially requiring that police first attempt to sell or trade firearms to license dealers before destroying them).

Clarence Harmon, former mayor and police chief of St. Louis, and now a spokesman for GunBusters, adds to Daily RFT: "It's revolutionary what it does and the way it does it."

"It's astonishing," he says of the challenge police forces face with their supplies of confiscated guns. "What it amounts to is an increasing storage concern and security concern."

"Among the law enforcement community," he continues, "we've got some good responses. We've talked to a number of police chiefs. They are enthusiastic about it."

From, here are some examples of the destroyed guns, followed by more videos.

Pulverized AK-47


Pulverized Glock


Continue for more photos and gun destruction videos.

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SLMPD could also dump protesters in there.  Who needs the Frist Amendment either, right?  >.<

Was any effort used to find the owners of any destroyed firearms?  If it turns out that a police department destroys your personal property can the original owner sue for replacement?

I sure hope that a hammer was destroyed after the AK, those have been used more times in violent crimes every year than any rifle.

Jeff Willett
Jeff Willett

These are illegal or unwanted guns, stop your weeping NRA sheep!

Andrew D'Angelo
Andrew D'Angelo

We won this country from the British because citizens had guns. We were able to bear arms. I feel like the RFT is highly against the owning of fire arms. People will kill people regardless of guns, in fact it is a lot easier to identify a suspect who used a firearm than a knife or other weapon. Sell these guns to people who are would love to buy them for sport use rather than destroy them. Then maybe they could pay for more police to be on staff or a way to stop as much crime... just saying.

Tim Nelson
Tim Nelson

Stop the violence against guns, save guns before they are destroyed.

Gary King
Gary King

Old news. I work for a company that makes shredders that can do this also. Shredders that were designed and made in the 70's.

Jesda Ulati
Jesda Ulati

These high-powered shredders are nothing new. You can throw cattle in them. See Youtube.

Ray Thomas
Ray Thomas

they need to not pulverize the guns,but pulverize criminals that shoot people


Press release should read like this.  Do you run a law enforcement agency? Maybe one in a designated civil rights-abrogation zone (like Chicago or California) that’s been confiscating firearms just as fast as your officers possibly can? Maybe you’re also holding the occasional buy-back to snag some positive local publicity and demonstrate that you’re doing something to prevent “gun violence”. That leaves only one question - what will you do with all those heaters? Who you gonna call? GUNBUSTERS USA!  We've developed just the solution for your pressing firearms disposal problems.  And at only about $85,000 a pop, it’s a lot less than a new tank for your SWAT platoon and great use of taxpayers' dollars.

A word of warning to Gunbusters, former Mayor Harmon and our other politician friends.  Pay close attention to what just happened in CO last night.  Keep screwing around with our civil rights, and we'll vote you out!

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