James King, 22, Found Lying Dead on North St. Louis Street (Homicide No. 71)

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Soon after a weekend homicide near the Arch grounds in downtown St. Louis, there has been another murder in the city, but police don't know who was responsible for this latest slaying. Officials have just identified the fatal victim this morning as James King, a 22-year-old man who lived on Theobald Street in north St. Louis.

Officers responded at around 5:36 a.m. yesterday morning to the Baden neighborhood -- near where the victim lived -- and found him lying outside a residence with abrasions to his hands and face. Police discovered that he had been shot in the head and that it was too late to take him to the hospital.

King was pronounced dead on the scene and the preliminary investigation revealed that he had likely "been deceased for an extended amount of time."

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He was found on the 1100 block of McLaran Avenue by Halls Ferry Road.

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McLaran Avenue.

With this latest death, there have now been 71 homicides in the city of St. Louis this year. As of this time last year, there were 81 murders.

Here's the short incident report from metro police.

Incident: Homicide
Location: 1100 block of McLaran
Date/Time: 9/03/2013 @ Unknown
Victim: James King, 22-year old black male of the 1000 block of Theobald
Suspect(s): Unknown
At approximately 05:36 on the above date, officers responded to the above address and located the victim outside, lying face up with abrasions to his hands and face. The victim was pronounced deceased at the scene. The victim appeared to have been deceased for an extended amount of time. An apparent gunshot wound was observed on the victim's head. The victim is not yet identified. The investigation is ongoing.

For more of Daily RFT's coverage of the latest metro St. Louis homicides, visit our "Big Bloody" archive.

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Maybe its because I am black, or maybe its because I am a HUMAN BEING that I feel as though these crimes are senseless and it is SAD. I am glad that the River Front Times report "every" homicide because the news stations does not. And it shouldn't be about fearing the "city" it should be about "awareness" of what is going on in the city or any where for that matter. I mean if you guys feel like showings of homicides are pointless why waste your time to read and then comment? People are losing their sons and daughters every where show some "respect" if anything.

H Annie Hutchinson
H Annie Hutchinson

Gunning for #1 murder Capitol I see!!! Detroit can't be beat! Woot! #motorcity

Richard Griffin
Richard Griffin

maybe its important to know that they were people and what this violence does. It doesn't make me fear the city

Nathan Nico Vize
Nathan Nico Vize

All these homicides make national news while huge amounts of people are killed in North Saint Louis and even the local population doesn't seem to care. Saddening.

Christa Kagy
Christa Kagy

I agree. I'm pretty tired of seeing these posts. It just promotes fear of the "city." It promotes a greater City/County divide and the RFT shouldn't be aiding that.

Steve Mincer
Steve Mincer

"What is the point of RFT posting each and every homicide in STL" because that gives them the chance to put up a picture of a scary gun...instead of the person that did it.

Steve Mincer
Steve Mincer

north st. louis? what? no...that's not possible.

Steve Dixon
Steve Dixon

The news is no longer about information. Its about ratings and page hits.

Clyde Rhoads
Clyde Rhoads

What is the point of RFT posting each and every homicide in STL? I get it, people are being killed, but is it really necessary to make a point to ensure maximum exposure to crime or keep people scared.

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