Kevin Davis, 40, Stabbed Multiple Times In Back (Homicide No. 77)

via Flickr, Walt Stoneburner
A man found dead Tuesday in a vacant property has been identified by police as Kevin Davis, 40, of the 8800 block of Maya Lane.

Davis was apparently stabbed multiple times in the back and left in vacant building on the 3700 block of Cote Brilliante.

This is the 77th homicide in St. Louis this year.

The week as been a particularly violent one for St. Louis. A teenager shot in the head was found dead behind the steering wheel on Sunday in north St. Louis, and over the weekend four people were shot at near an apartment complex on the 8600 block of Park Lane, resulting in the death of a 21-year-old man.

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For Daily RFT's full archive of this year's homicides, click here.

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JamesMadison topcommenter

Ban the knives! Do you realize they arm children at the school with plastic knives? No wonder these children turn out to be murderers. It is the knife-culture of this nation. We force children to use knives at the dinner table. They watch as a huge knife carves the Thanksgiving turkey. We need to stop using knives. Squeezable butter. Stop the knives from killing more! Think of the children!

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