Sandy Hatte: Discovered in Missouri with Child She Allegedly Abducted 13 Years Ago

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Livingston County Sheriff Steve Cox released this follow up statement regarding the case.

  1. We are not releasing information as to the gender of the juvenile victim or which state they now reside.
  2. The alleged suspect in this case was not the child's mother. It is fair to say she is somehow related to the family.
  3. Out of respect and safety for the victim, family, and concern for the school official(s)and other school children we are not releasing the specific school serving Livingston County children that was involved. Keep in mind there are 3 public school districts in Livingston County, 1 private school, and at least 2 schools in adjoining counties that have students from rural Livingston County. Please do not jump to conclusion it was any specific school.
  4. There is no information or evidence which suggests any other child was ever in any danger.
  5. Evidence shows these people were not in Livingston County Missouri much more then 30 days. Evidence and information strongly suggest the victim and suspect had resided in other cities, counties, and/or states; but a definitive time line of the victim's life and exact locations is not available at this time.
  6. The family and victim have left our jurisdiction and Detective Menconi will continue frequent contact with them. In the event they decide to become involved with the media, only then will we provide additional information on the family.

Thank you for your patience, understanding, and respect for all.


Steve Cox

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