St. Louis County Police Warn of Frightening Abduction Attempt by Men in Van (PHOTO)

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St. Louis County Police
Composite of passenger suspect.
The St. Louis County Police Department is looking for help in identifying two suspects involved in an apparently very disturbing abduction attempt.

In a wanted bulletin issued late last week, police say that at around 9 p.m. on Friday, August 23, an adult woman was going for a walk in Affton around Radio Drive and Arrow Drive when a green or gray construction van stopped next to her.

Inside were two white males, in their twenties or early thirties, medium height and build, wearing jeans and T-shirts. The van, police say, had a sliding side door with a bare rear floor without seating. The passenger exited the vehicle -- and then grabbed the woman forcing her into the rear of the car.

Police say he attempted to assault her, but that she managed to fight off the attacker and escape.

via Google Maps
Suburban street where the abduction attempt allegedly took place.

The suspects, however, escaped as well, and police are now seeking tips on their identities and whereabouts.

Anyone with information is urged to contact the county police department at 314-889-2341 or Crimestoppers at 866/371-TIPS.

Here's the full wanted bulletin.

Wanted Bulliten

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scary stuff I'll bet theses guys are serial killers and when 2 pair up its very very i guess she didnt get a look at the second guy ..are we sure it was a guy..more info needed in this story

Betty Hauser
Betty Hauser

Jeannie...I saw Affton and thought about you...are you alright?

Rachel Maurer
Rachel Maurer

#ReasonWhyIneedToLearnHowToUseAndOwnAFireArm. Sick fucking people, This world scares me, but I will not be afraid.

Lindsay Renee
Lindsay Renee

Katie Proffer, Sherry Cantrell Bene not exactly sure how close to you this happened at but I saw Affton and got be careful.

dalediversity topcommenter

Be on the lookout for Curly Howard!

This never happened. You heard it here first.


and how did she get away ..? fighting  them off doesn't really tell u how she got away

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