St. Louis County Police Dog Bites Suspect -- And City Cop -- During Lengthy Manhunt

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U.S. Air Force photo/Robbin Cresswell
A St. Louis county police dog ended up biting a suspect and a city cop during a struggle this week -- landing the suspect in jail and the police officer in the hospital.

Authorities say that on Wednesday night in the area of north 20th Street and East John Avenue, a city cop saw a vehicle that was listed as stolen (from Indiana) and wanted in the city. The vehicle traveled north into the county and then west, finally exiting Interstate 270 on Gravois Road. At this point, county police responded to the scene, prompting the suspect, a 24-year-old male, to flee east to May Valley Drive in Fenton.

He then got out of the car and ran on foot, cops say.

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At this point, around 11:15 p.m., county and city cops collaborated and successfully apprehended the suspect.

First, however, the man allegedly resisted arrest, prompting a county canine to bite him. The dog somehow ended up biting the city cop during the struggle as well. It may have been due to the fact that he was in plainclothes.

via Google Maps
The Fenton street where the chase finally ended.

This injured cop was taken to a local hospital where he was treated for the bite wounds. The suspect, who police officials have not yet named, was booked by the county.

Here's the full incident report from the metro police department.

Incident: Arrest
Location: 200 block of May Valley, Fenton Mo. (STL County)
Date/Time: 9/4/13 @ 23:15
Suspect: 24-year old black male
A St. Louis Police Officer observed a vehicle in the area of 20th and John that was listed as stolen from Evansville, Indiana and "wanted" in St. Louis City. The vehicle traveled into north St Louis County and continued into west St Louis County, finally exiting from Highway 270 on Gravois. St Louis County PD responded and as the suspect observed one of their marked units, the vehicle fled east to May Valley where the suspect exited the vehicle and fled on foot. With the assistance of St Louis County PD, the suspect was taken into custody at the above location. While resisting arrest, the suspect was bitten by a St. Louis County Police canine. A St. Louis City Police Officer was also bitten in the leg by the police dog during the struggle. The officer was conveyed to a local hospital and treated for the wound. The suspect was booked by St Louis County. The investigation is ongoing.

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Tyler Garrett
Tyler Garrett

Well, I just moved here. I was told city and county cops don't get along LOL

Andrew D'Angelo
Andrew D'Angelo

The city cop should have known better. If any police K9 is "doing his/her thing" with their handler...everyone else is to stand back (to prevent accidents like this one). That's basic training in the Academy. We were told that if a K9 was involved in any suspect apprehension, the handler is then in charge of both the dog and the scene. We'd be on scene like this and the handler would say..."just get back to prevent any confusion with his dog and the suspect". Common sense would tell you to not stick your hand in where a police K9 is busy apprehending a suspect. Geezus...

Beth Schwartz Rodgers
Beth Schwartz Rodgers

The HANDLER needs to speak up that dog was responding to a command. Maybe the command should of been more clear, maybe it was a DOG doing it's best! My dog wouldn't get off the couch to get a bad guy, I'd have to bring the bad guy to him. Sorry City Cop SINCERELY wish you a speedy recovery but it's a job of intensity and other police officers can get physical.

Diane Bemagoo
Diane Bemagoo

It happens. Cops accidentally shoot dogs. Give this dog a break and/or take off duty. Karma.

Richard Peitz
Richard Peitz

What? An imperfect dog! OMG! Now that's news!

Brian Brown
Brian Brown

The cop was in plain clothes , prob throwing the dog off a bit .

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