Travel Channel's Ghost Adventures Investigates St. Louis Exorcist House; Hears Demons

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Travel Channel
Ghost Adventures stars Aaron Goodwin, Zak Bagans and Nick Groff outside the St. Louis "Exorcist House."
Ghost Adventures airs its 100th episode October 4 with an examination of the St. Louis "Exorcist House." And for the stars of the popular Travel Channel program, the investigation was more than just a milestone. It was one of their eeriest filmings to date.

"For me, personally, this is one of the scariest things we've encountered or captured," Ghost Adventures Nick Groff tells Daily RFT. "I still get chills."

For those unfamiliar with the back story of the Exorcist House, in 1949 a thirteen-year-old boy from suburban Washington D.C. traveled to St. Louis after experiencing hallucinations and fits. Doctors thought a change of scenery might help. It didn't.

Photo: Jennifer Silverberg
The stairway leading up to the bedroom where the exorcism took place.
While staying with relatives in St. Louis, the weirdness continued, including household items floating about the room and strange welts forming on the child's skin. Eventually the boy's family called in priests from St. Louis University who performed an exorcism on the child at his relative's home in Bel-Nor and at the old SLU rectory and Alexian Brothers Hospital. Notes the clergy kept during the six-week ordeal would later be used by author William Peter Blatty to pen his best-selling novel-turned-film The Exorcist. Today the home where the boy stayed, on Roanoke Drive in Bel-Nor, is the only physical structure in St. Louis that remains from the 1949 possession. (For an in-depth account of the exorcism in St. Louis, see RFT's 2005 feature, Hell of House.)

Zak Bagans, host of Ghost Adventures, tells Daily RFT that he and his crew were drawn to the home after another investigator (Greg Myers of the St. Louis-based Paranormal Taskforce) had an unworldly experience a few years ago.

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"He was in the boy's room where the exorcism occurred, and the left side of his face got very hot and he got quote-unquote disoriented," says Bagans. "There was another woman there who was a nurse. She noticed the left side of his neck started forming white blisters and within blisters was a white cross. There are photographs of it, and we have footage from the investigation."

Bagans says that he and his crew wanted to know if what Myers experienced was the re-emergence of the demons that possessed the boy or just some residual spiritual scarring from all that took place in the home some 60-plus years ago.

Continue on for details of the Ghost Adventures investigation of the Exorcist House.

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