Travel Channel's Ghost Adventures Investigates St. Louis Exorcist House; Hears Demons

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Travel Channel
Inside the bedroom where the exorcism took place.
The Ghost Adventures crew members say their investigation last month got off to a strange start even before they arrived at the Bel-Nor home. Fr. Jack Ashcraft, a priest and exorcist who was supposed to join them for the filming, had a freak medical emergency while traveling to the home and had to go to the hospital instead of attending the investigation. Bagans says that he also experienced a strange illness.

The investigation itself, however, started out as something of a bust.

"For the first three hours we were in the house we didn't experience shit," recalls Bagans.

The team then brought in a ouija board.

"We had our SB7 spirit box with us, and there was this weird moment when I actually said out loud to the guys: 'Do you really want to do this?'" recalls Groff. "Suddenly we got voices coming thorough the spirit box. One said 'devil' another said 'diablo.' Something was there with us."

Groff says he later presented the audio from the spirit box to Fr. Ashcraft.

"His jaw just dropped," says Groff. "He was like, 'You guys need to be careful and seek help. Not only is that one spirit, it's probably multiple demonic entities you heard -- perhaps up to seven -- because the weaker ones can't be heard as clearly."

Concludes Bagans: "It's draining what we encounter. The energy. It can drag everything out of your soul."

Tune into the Travel Channel on Friday, October 4, at 8 p.m. CST for more of the Ghost Adventures investigation of the St. Louis "Exorcist House."

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